Lunch with Lucie

I have a new favorite coffee shop!


Lucie Monroe’s just opened a few months ago, and Nick and I finally stopped in earlier this week. We got some of their iced tea, but I also saw that they had breakfast and lunch items, so I decided to try them out for lunch today.

Any place that has anything to do with Lucille Ball is okay with me :) I Love Lucy is my favorite show of all time, so this place just makes me happy.

Plus, they have great coffee, tea, and food options!


For lunch today, I ordered their Iced Green Tea and a Veggie-Hummus-Spinach Wrap.



Each table had some flowers in these dishes with coffee beans – I want to do this at home! It’s such a cute idea.


The wrap was grilled just enough to crisp up the wrap, and the hummus is homemade- can’t beat that.


It was also really spicy, but the cucumbers and tomatoes helped to balance out the spice. The wrap also had lettuce, black olives, red peppers, and carrots.

And I know this is a bit strange, but I just had to take pictures of their bathroom –

It’s all Marilyn Monroe + Lucille Ball!!!



Is it weird that I loved their bathroom so much?




I think I need to decorate our bathroom with all my I Love Lucy stuff…but I’m not sure how Nick would feel about that ;)


I’ll definitely be back. I still need to try their Lucille Ball Latte!


After eating lunch, I went out to an Earth Day celebration and ran some more errands before coming back home to let Maggie out and feed her dinner.

We heated up some leftovers from last night before taking her on her nightly walk.


(Recipe coming tomorrow!)

We just got back from the walk and are settling in for The Office – it’s a new episode, finally!



  1. What a perfect little restaurant!

  2. cute cute place! i like it when the bathrooms are fun too :)

  3. Oh my, I HAVE TO GO THERE!!! I’m an I Love Lucy FREAK! Oh my my my…

  4. Sounds like a great lunch! I love spicy hummus (but can’t eat it anymore as it upsets my gallstones). The wrap sounds perfect!

    And I love the bathroom pics!

  5. I LOVE LUCY!!! I would have taken a picture of that bathroom too :-)

    I love spicy hummus! It makes it kick.

  6. I love the decor in that diner! Fun decor always makes the overall dining experience so much better. Good menu choice too, that wrap looks so fresh and good!

  7. That place is so cute! I love all of the Lucille Ball decor.

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