Sweet Beans

Lunch today (and yesterday) was, well…epic. :)

After seeing Caitlin have the baked beans and sweet potato combination so often, I decided I needed to try it.


I’m so glad I did!

I love the 2 flavors together, and I even added a bit more punch to mine – ancho chile powder and smoked paprika got mixed into the beans, along with an extra can of pinto beans to stretch the veggie baked beans sauce and give me a few extra servings.


On top of being tasty, this is such a filling meal!

Yesterday I had a small sweet potato with beans along with a big salad, and today I’m having it with a bunch of veggies + hummus.


Plus, this was so easy to prep last night. I cooked the potato in the microwave while I was cooking dinner and packed it up with the beans before I even sat down to eat.

Obviously, oven baked sweet potatoes are better than microwaved, but I didn’t need the oven on for anything else last night so I decided against it.

Fun fact about sweet potatoes: My Mammaw bakes TONS of sweet potatoes, wraps them individually and then freezes them. They reheat beautifully, so you can bake a bunch at one time and have them ready and waiting for you! I may need to start doing from now on.


This will definitely go into my lunch rotation – easy to prep, easy to pack, and a healthy + filling meal for home or in the office.


What meals/snacks/food combination have you tried after seeing them online?

I’ve tried TONS of new foods, snacks, and combos, but I have to say my latest favorites have been:

– peanut butter ON oatmeal

– hummus with eggs!



  1. That looks good, I’ll need to try it. Thanks to you for some food combos, I love peanut butter/apples/butterscotch chips in my oatmeal and I love Smores Oats. I still haven’t done oats in a jar yet. By the way, are your bowls from Pampered Chef? My friend just has a party and they looked very familiar.

  2. I love beans and sweet potatoes! I totally copied Caitlin too…! Another favorite blog inspired combo is eggs and oatmeal and pumpkin and yogurt…mmm!

  3. Spinach in smoothies! A life-changer, that one.

  4. I’m pretty sure because of the blogs, my breakfast has become out of this world! Love pimpin’ out the oatmeal!

  5. Mmmmm I love baked beans on the sweeter side. I have a recipe that includes peaches and dried fruit and its pretty awesome.

  6. I love making chili cheese fries with sweet potato fries. It’s so delicious. The baked bean/sweet potato concept is another favorite of mine!

  7. I haven’t tried the baked bean/sweet potato combo yet, but I learned the black bean/sweet potato combo from the blog world and I absolutely LOVE it!

  8. I made Kath’s goat cheese+spinach+jam sandwich yesterday and it was to.die.for. So yummy! thanks for the tip about the sweet potatoes–I’ve never tried freezing them.

  9. I was just thinking last night that I wanted to try that combo out!

    I have tried a billion ideas from online! Some good and some not so much.

  10. My favorite combo that came courtesy of blogging was custard oats. I had NEVER thought to try mixing egg whites into the oats, but I am so glad that I did. Normal oatmeal is now just boring – and the texture is not so great. I’m still on the lookout for new mix-in ideas!

  11. Ok IIIIII oficially need to try this combo! It sounds so good!!!

  12. wow – I totally forgot how much I love black beans.. and with my new found passion for sweet potatoes — this lunch is a must try!

  13. I’m going to have to try baking a ton of them up and freezing them. I love them baked instead of microwaved.

    Recently I tried dates with almond butter and fell in love. I just bought more dates today :-)

  14. I love the sound of this combo! Tons of fiber-y goodness :-)

  15. i love the idea of hummus and eggs! i was just wondering what to do with all my hummus and hard boiled eggs…

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