Food Luck

I’ve had such good luck with new foods lately!

For my snack today, I broke into this trail mix from Blue Mountain Organics


This Mystic Mountain Trail Mix is from their Better Than Roasted line and was the first trail mix I’ve tried from them.

It had 2 new fruits I’d never tried, too!


That green berry is a hunza raisin and the bumpy little berry is the mulberry. I loved this trail mix – the pecans tasted so good and they were my favorites to eat along with the raisins + mulberries. I don’t know why the pecans were so much better than the ones I have in the house, but I guess I’ll have to get my pecans from them now.


I didn’t have a cookie today, but this last batch of supercharge me cookies turned out so good. I used a dried berry blend with cherries, plums, blueberries, and cranberries that really took these up a notch, especially with the almond butter in the cookies.


Who knew this chocoholic would like this batch just as much as the ones filled with chocolate chips? Not me. But the cinnamon, almond butter, coconut, and dried fruit are delicious together.

We didn’t go running tonight since Maggie was locked up all day, so we’ve just been playing with her in the house because it started raining when we got home. She’s not happy about that, but as long as we get in play time, she’s okay.

We heated up some leftovers from last night for dinner – easy!


And I’m already in my pajamas and about to break into the rest of this treat…


I love having a sweet + frozen dessert with an ingredient list that I can read.


Plus, it’s chocolate! Time to dig in, watch Idol, and get read for LOST….


What are your favorite things to have in trail mix? Do you make your own?


  1. Mulberries are delicious, but something tells me it doesn’t get better than that ice cream! So tempting!

  2. We go camping every year with 4 other families and we always make our own trail mix to munch on. Everyone bring 1 or 2 items to add to the “pot” and then we divide it up. I really like Dark Chocolate Covered Plums.

  3. you are lucky indeed. If I were you I would grab nick and head off to try your luck in vegas ;)

  4. I make my own most of the time but sometimes, I do buy the bags of already made mixes at Trader Joes.

  5. I love golden raisins and dried mango. And some good walnuts added to the mix are great.

  6. Mmm! It all looks wonderful, especially the spaghetti :)

    I love trail mix! Cashews and raisins are a must! I’ve never made my own, it’s a dangerous food for me to have laying around!

  7. Glad to know you’ve been having good luck with new foods–that’s great!

  8. I eat more larabars over trail mix (need to just make my own) cause I work on set for up to 14 hours and my food choices aren’t so fabulous and no where near organic…but my favorite mixes always have almonds, dried cherries or cranberries and maybe some vegan chocolate chips (whole foods).

    where did you find that cashew “ice cream?” I have been wanting to try a similar one!

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