A Weekend Unplugged


This weekend just flew by, right?

I didn’t plan to go completely unplugged this weekend, but it was wonderful to not turn on my computer. I didn’t blog OR read blogs, check my email, get on Facebook…nothing. And the world didn’t stop turning ;)

We had beautiful weather this weekend and definitely took advantage of it.

After finishing our normal Saturday morning routine (breakfast, coffee, and cuddling with Maggie), I headed out for groceries before we took Maggie out for the afternoon.


Is that not the happiest puppy face you’ve ever seen?

Nick and I walked around Glen Alton with Maggie for 3 hours on Saturday, and she had a blast.


She found lots of dead animals, bones, trash, and she went swimming!




I couldn’t have asked for a better day. The temperature was perfect, and we took our time walking around, playing with Maggie, and snapping pictures.





I can’t wait until the house is finished. They’re restoring the old houses on the farm and they’ll be open to visitors once all the work is done.

Nick and I would love to move in here ;) There are trails all over the property and I couldn’t imagine having this place as my home…but we can dream about it.

Let’s see – other highlights of the weekend?

I finally got to the end of that jar!!!

IMG_8940 (2)I made some apple oatbran to have in my White chocolate wonderful jar…and I think I need to cut myself off for a while. I went through that jar way too fast! I need to finish some other ones before buying this flavor again.


It was tasty :)

I also made my best loaf of sourdough to date –


Our house smelled like freshly baked bread all afternoon on Sunday. There really isn’t anything better unless you also have cookies in the house (which we do).

I made a batch of supercharge me cookies with a dried berry blend instead of the chocolate chips, and they turned out great! I love chocolate in cookies so I wasn’t sure how much I would like them. But…seeing that I had 6 (!) of them yesterday afternoon…I’d say they’re good ;)


I also tried the Tropical Fruit Tart Larabar – I finally found it!

I’m pretty sure this is my favorite now. I LOVE the orange flavor in it, and the dried pineapple gives it a great texture.


And Sunday’s breakfast was probably the best meal I had all weekend.

We got some freshly smoked salmon that our friends smoked THEMSELVES, so Nick made us omelets. I don’t know how he makes such perfect omelets – mine always break!

This had feta, smoked salmon, black olives, scallions, and parsley. Yum. Too bad we already ate all of the smoked salmon they gave us….I need some more!


So…that was my weekend!

How was yours? What did you do or eat or see this weekend?

I have to say…I’m prett
y sad it’s Monday already…



  1. I love FRESH smoked salmon! There is nothing like it. It is so delicious.

  2. Great recap. I’m jealous that Maggie is so good off leash! Unfortunately Oliver is not. He’s too into smells so he’d eagerly run to the end of the world. :-(

    My weekend was pretty good. Relaxing, productive, and enjoyable.

    • Oh, Maggie’s only allowed off her lead here because it’s usually not busy :) She’ll run up to anyone to make friends! We always have her on her lead if we’re around other people, but I hope she keeps getting better about that as she gets older.

  3. Finally the white chocolate wonderful oats in a jar! I was waiting on that one ;-)
    This weekend = too much chocolate if that’s possible. I assume it will be a theme of the week

  4. Love your weekend recap! We made a delicious Garden Lasagna and I’m working on a blog post about it now.

  5. Maggie is so Beautiful!

    The best part of my weekend,
    Was a nap on Sunday afternoon.

  6. Oh i absolutely LOVE those pics of Maggie!! She’s just adorable!

  7. Looks like you guys had a great weekend!! Maggie looks so happy!

  8. I agree… the weekend really did fly by. I’m still having trouble getting back into the swing of the work week and it’s already 1!

  9. That is pretty much my ideal weekend! Maggie looks SO happy, I love it :-)

    I visited my grandparents in Minnesota this weekend… and was also unplugged!

  10. I believe Maggie is the most photogenic dog in the world. She always looks so happy! I had a great weekend outdoors and in.

  11. Unplugging for the weekend sounds like a blast.

    I ended up just relaxing with Hunni so we could enjoy our day off today :-)

  12. Great post Brandi! I love how happy Maggie looks and that farm house is to die for. So pretty! Love the omlette too and I just might need one for suppah tonight. :D

  13. Those trail pictures are amazing. Wow it’d be awesome to live in one of those houses, with nature literally out the front door.

  14. There’s something about men and eggs… I am awful at omelets to. But those sure do sound GOOD!

  15. What a beautiful unplugged weekend!!! Love the pics of Maggie!

    Have a great week!

  16. hope you enjoyed an nice technology detox — sometimes it’s just so necessary!

  17. LOVE that picture of maggie :)

  18. LOVE OIAJ!! thats the best kind EVA :)

  19. i had that same flavor larabar this weekend – love anything with coconut!

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