Wake up with Hummus

I’m pretty sure Heather comes up with some of the craziest breakfast combinations, but I still end up trying them :)

First, she started oats-in-a-jar.

And now this.


I’ve been thinking about this meal since I saw her post about it a few weeks ago.

Eggs + hummus for breakfast?

Why didn’t I try it sooner?


And, since I finally have some Ezekiel muffins in the house, I knew today would be the perfect day to try it.

I toasted my Ezekiel muffin and added a slice of the best Canadian Bacon.


This really is the best. Nick and I love it. I finally found this brand here, and I don’t think we can go back to the other stuff in the store! This Applegate Farms Canadian Bacon is so much better.

…then one egg on each half

…and topped it all off with a quick “Hollandaise” sauce.


For the sauce, I mixed together a spoonful of Sabra pinenut hummus, a squirt of dijon, and a bit of water to thin it out enough to “drizzle” over the eggs.

If you like eggs + hummus, try this! And do it soon – you’ll love it :)

Nick and I also split some fruit – the kiwis were awesome this morning.


And we enjoyed breakfast with an episode of Saved By The Bell –  it felt just like a morning before high school except my breakfast today was much better than what I had back then.


There’s a bunch of giveaways going on – make sure to check them out:


Did you watch Saved By the Bell? That was one show I watched all the time growing up.



  1. That breakfast sounds and looks so good! :)

    I didn’t watch Saved By the Bell, but I’m not from the US and the show wasn’t as big here as it was there.

    Have a great day Brandi!

  2. I LOVE Saved By The Bell!! I still watch it in the mornings, too!

  3. Mustard scare’s me.

    I had a crush on Zack, and I imagined that Kelly was shipped off to an all girls school in Guam, then Zack would fall head over heels for me. I would be the most popular girl at Bayside.
    Then he went to college and it was over.
    The college years just didn’t do it for me.
    Yeah I know,
    Coo Coo
    Coo Coo

  4. def would have never thought to combine eggs and hummus but now that i think about it it sounds pretty good!

    thanks for the giveaway shout out too :)

    have a fabulous day!

  5. Umm…. I was watching Saved By the Bell even in college as I was getting ready for class…. True story.

  6. omg I was – and still am – literally obsessed with SBTB!! It’s one of my all time faves! What a great way to start the day. ;)

  7. I have put hummus on a lot of things but never eggs! Sounds interesting!

  8. Oh my gosh, I think I’ve seen every episode of Saved by the Bell. Don’t know if I should be proud or ashamed. Hehe. :)

    So glad you liked the hummus + eggs combo. I’ll have to try that Canadian bacon. I have the Applegate Farms roast beef in my fridge right now – love it!

    Have a good day Brandi!

    • definitely try it! We don’t normally go gaga over ham, but even Nick commented on how good this is.

  9. Wow – a less sinful but equally version of my FAVORITE Eggs Benedict!? Sounds devine…! Have got to try that hummus sauce…holy yummy.

  10. I don’t know about the hummus, but I’m with you on the egg and Canadian bacon. It’s going on my grocery list right now. I watched Saved by the Bell all the time! :)

  11. That sounds good!
    I LOVED Saved By the Bell! I think I saw every single episode ever made.

  12. mmmm hummus goes with everything.

    did i watch saved by the bell? hells yes.

  13. It’s so funny you asked this question. Last night a girl in class told us that her parents wouldn’t let her watch Saved by the Bell growing up. A life without Slater’s hair? Without Jessie’s pill addiction? Without “The Sprain”???

    So you can tell I’ve watched each episode 5 times…

  14. Saved by The Bell was my favorite show!!! Actually, I think it still kinda is! :) When I went to Towson U I met Mr. Belding when we came to campus to speak! It was awesome.

  15. I loved AC Slater!

    I love hummus with eggs and eat it for lunch sometimes. I’m too lazy to cook eggs for breakfast.

  16. hahaha i used to watch saved by the bell EVERY morning getting ready in high school! and i love the idea of that hummus sauce – must recreate soon!

  17. tomorrow is national eggs benny day and i already have all the ingredients for heather’s fancy recipe! so excited! i was addicted to SBTB!

  18. omg i always have hummus and eggs! it’s my version of mama peas crack wrap…just w/o the cheese. i actually had it for lunch today!!!

  19. Saved by the Bell was awesome! What a great way to start the day.

    Okay that eggs and hummus combo looks very intriguing and I’ll have to try it one of these days. I learned the hummus and cheese trick in the blogosphere and loved it, so I expect this to be good as well.

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