Veggie Sushi Plate

Yesterday, I was seriously tempted to have Nick stop by Kroger on the way home so I could get a package of brown rice veggie sushi.


But after making a list for a fun blogger package I’m sending soon, I decided I should save the $6 for the sushi and make my own “sushi plate” at home today!

Plus, I had all the ingredients I needed so it really would have been money wasted.


I made some fancy formed rice in a ramekin :) Pack the rice in the ramekin and then flip it over on your plate – so easy!

The rice is just brown rice mixed with some soy sauce, ground ginger, salt, and vinegar.


I had no cucumber in the house, but this veggie mixture worked great! I grated 1 small carrot and mixed it with some diced red, orange, and yellow peppers and half of an avocado.


For my sides, I heated up some leftover edamame and broccoli.


This plate was exactly what I wanted today AND I didn’t have to spend any extra money!


For some reason, Maggie is not feeling well today :(


I’m going to cuddle her for the rest of my lunch break.


Do you like sushi? What are your favorites?

I’ve actually only tried “real” sushi once (as in, raw fish). I’m just scared when I’m not sure how good the restaurant is, and we don’t have many places around here that are known for good sushi.



  1. I love this idea, it looks so good! I love spicy tuna, but haven’t had it in forever. There’s nowhere to get sushi around here, and I’m not allowed to have it right now :(. But, I think recreating this dish would satisfy my cravings!

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  3. I love tuna rolls and avocado and salmon rolls. I’ve gotten brave and tried some others but these are my favorite.

    Sorry that Maggie isn’t feeling well. I hope she gets better quick.

  4. I love sushi but haven’t had it in so long. I want to start making my own!

  5. I’m not a fan of raw fish sushi, but I love vegan sushi! Your lunch plate looks like the perfect vegan sushi option. Delicious!

  6. I LOVE sushi, mostly during warmer months when I crave it like no other! Raw tuna is fabuloussssssss

  7. Oh my god, I looooooooove sushi. I’ll eat pretty much all kinds. Not a huge fan of the tuna but I’ll still eat it. :p

  8. I love sushi, all kinds!

    If Maggie is not feeling well, take away her FOOD and maybe even her water.
    Dont worry, all dogs are like this. I dont know why.
    Maybe just an upset stomach.
    When she is ready to eat, make her boiled chicken and rice. My vet suggested this and it has always worked


    Let her go outside and eat grass.

    She will be fine.

  9. hope maggie feels better soon!

  10. What an awesome meal idea! I adore sushi – tuna avocado rolls are my favorite! :)

  11. I used to love “real” sushi, but since going vegan my new favorite is avocado-cucumber rolls.

  12. Awe, that picture of Maggie makes me sad. She doesn’t look like she feels well :( Poor thing.

    I enjoy sushi, but being from the midwest, I dont get the opportunity to eat it very often.

  13. sushi plate! that is genius! i love it disassembled! my fav is def a veg roll w/ avocado, sprouts, asparagus, carrots, cucumber (japanese pickled ones!) and other veggies! too tasty!

  14. I really like unagi! And no worries- i almost always make sure to get sushi meat that is at least “seared”. I have issues with completely raw…

    And I’ll never pass up a good veggie roll… mmm

  15. Living in southern Indiana, I don’t trust any sushi places around here, either! It’s one thing to eat sushi by the coast, where the fish has only been dead a few hours before it hits the table, but it’s quite another to eat raw fish in the land-locked Midwest! Plus, all the Japanese restaurants around here are run by Chinese families :p


  17. I’m going to be dreaming of sushi for the rest of the day! I love everything from sweet potato rolls to sashimi. Love your plate… I made a “bowl” (inspired by 101 cookbooks) once and loved it!

  18. That looks amazing! I love that idea. I’ve tried sushi numerous times, however, only get veggie rolls now that I don’t eat meat.

  19. Know exactly what you mean about being scared of the quality at some places! Not worth the risk in my opinion! Luckily, we have some good places here but I am not that experience in sushi. I’d love to make my own sometime soon!

  20. I love brown rice salmon and veggie rolls!

  21. I LOVE sushi!!!! My biggest problem is that most rolls have cucumber in them which I hate! I’d like to try more unique rolls but I’m a bit of a wimp when it comes to choosing ;)

  22. I love sushi, especially rolls with avocado, sweet potato tempura, squash, pickle, or cucumber. Bring it on! (That reminds me, I ought to make some soon.)

  23. Sounds delicious! I love salmon avocado rolls :-)

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