Local Date Night

Nick and I had the best date night tonight!


Who would have guessed that I could look like this after sitting at home, working in jeans and a t-shirt all day? I kind of surprised myself tonight.


The Bank was our favorite local restaurant, but it closed last May after the Chefs moved on to jobs in Texas. We actually ate there for our anniversary on the last night they were opened!

They opened back up a few months ago under new Chefs, so we were really excited to finally try it tonight.


I cannot remember the name of this wine, but it was great! I know it was an Italian wine – Nick got a local brew from nearby Floyd County, which is one of my favorites.


The best thing about the new Chefs is that they’re all about local food:

We are proud to offer you a variety of dishes that are seasonal, wholesome, and home made starting with the best fresh ingredients available on the local market with some indulgence when the ingredient deserves it. Pastas are homemade, so are the breads and desserts. The meats are guaranteed to come from farms that do not use hormones, antibiotics or cruelty.

Nick ordered their pork + mushroom tort (and it was delicious!). The pork was served in a Parmesan cream sauce, but that mushroom tort was insane. We both loved it!


I ordered the local trout and roasted fingerling potatoes.


The trout was cooked with olives and celery and was perfect – light and flaky.


And we had to save room for dessert ;) That was our favorite part of The Bank under the old owners and we heard them listing off their desserts and knew we had to try a couple.


I got the semifreddo with candied almonds inside – yum! It was basically frozen heavy whipping cream with almond brittle in the middle and drizzled with caramel.



The candied almond bites were the best – they were sweet from the sugar, but it balanced really well with the cream.

Nick ordered their Dark Chocolate and Caramel Tort.



I tried a bite of his, too ;) The crust was made with walnuts, and the chocolate really was super dark. I love dark chocolate, though, and it went perfectly with the sweet caramel.

We both cleaned our plates!



I love having random date nights in the middle of the week :) And I’m so happy we finally tried The Bank!

We’d been wanting to go and we were both really happy with our meals and are excited to go back.

As soon as we got back home, we took Maggie on a mile long walk and I’m already in my pajamas – time to wi
nd down for the night! I’ve got a run/walk in the morning I’ve got to get ready for.


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  1. Those desserts looked delicious! I definitely would have kept plenty of room for them :-)

  2. Ok so I think it’s totally random that we both went to a restaurant called “The Bank” today haha… so weird?! Din looks good!

  3. You clean up well :-)

    Random date nights are the best and local food makes it even better.

  4. That looks delicious! Seriously the semifreddo…I would have loved that!

  5. The food looks delicious and the desserts… yuuummm :)
    The dark chocolate tort looks amazing :) Love dark chocolate!

  6. Yum, what a delicious meal. I was just telling one of my co-workers about The Bank yesterday. Weird.

  7. Love date nights! And you are looking gorgeous my dear! :)

    The Bank sounds like a wonderful place. But I’m confused as to why you didn’t lick that dessert plate? LoL, I don’t think I would have left a crumb on that baby! :)

    Have a great Friday.

  8. Date nights are always fun! There’s something different about going out and sharing a meal someone else made vs. staying in and cooking one yourself. I can’t decide which one I like better–I guess it depends on the day & my mood.

    I love fingerling potatoes, but they are so expensive here!

  9. The chocolate caramel dessert looks TO DIE FOR!!!

  10. Sounds like fun – and a great meal! I would love to make more time for mid-week dates.

  11. i love restaurants like that, that trout with olives and celery sounds like such an interesting combination – but its surprising how weird combos turn out amazing!

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