New Food Fun

I tried 3 new things today!

New Food #1:


I finally tried an Amy’s Bowl. It smelled really good heating up at work – in fact, 2 people asked me what I was having while it was in the microwave!


Since I didn’t know what it would taste like, I did bring a little salsa to spice it up a bit ;)


I really liked it. I’m definitely going to buy more Amy’s meals when I can find them on sale.

New Food #2:


The Lemon Larabar


This is one of my new favorites! I loved the bright, fresh lemon flavor in this bar – it tastes like a lemon dessert bar and didn’t have that “fake” lemon flavor.

New Food #3:


I got out one of my favorite cookbooks from Real Simple for dinner tonight.


Tonight, Nick and I each made our own Deep Dish Polenta Pizza.

I doubled the crust recipe so Nick and I could add our own toppings (and have leftovers).


I made a quick pizza sauce with crushed tomatoes and some seasonings and then added on my toppings!

  • sauce
  • diced chicken
  • diced red/orange/yellow peppers
  • mix of cheddar and mozzarella
  • black olives


While we couldn’t pick up the pieces like normal pizza, we both really liked it! It was fun putting them together, and they tasted great with the polenta crust.

I had half of my “pizza” tonight, along with some broccoli.


We just got back from a walk with Maggie and are winding down for the night.

Fun breakfast (and lunch) tomorrow! I love getting excited about new food ideas ;)



  1. The lemon larabar is one of the few I enjoy. It reminds me of a good ol’ lemon square, but so much healthier!

  2. Love that Amy’s Bowl and I can’t wait to try the Lemon flavor of the Larabar!
    Isn’t finding new yummy products fun! :)

    Night hun!

  3. The lemon larabar doesn’t appeal to me, but everyone loves it so much I might have to give it a shot ;-)

  4. mmm polenta pizza… reminds me of the early Core days when i put everything on polenta!

  5. I love polenta but never thought of using it as a crust. This is going on next week’s dinner menu.

  6. That polenta pizza looks so good! :) I’ve never tried polenta. Never tried a Larabar either!

  7. I haven’t had the lemon bar flavor! I will look for that, i love all things lemon!

  8. try new foods is so fun :) I HIGHLY recommend the Amy’s pot pie pocket. It is seriously life changing!

    Happy Thursday, Brandi :)

  9. Oo that Amy’s meal does sound good–I just got some coupons for their meals, so I might have to look for that one! :-)

  10. mmm. I’ve been meaning to try polenta pizza! The Amy’s Bowl does look pretty good, thanks for the review :)

  11. Amy’s is the best!
    And your dinner sounds fabulous!!! Love pizza in any form :)

  12. I have some pre-packaged polenta I need to cook. I could probably slice it and make little mini pizzas!

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