Hidden Blooms

Today definitely felt like spring. The weathermen were calling for rain this afternoon, but it seems like it went just north of us so the day turned out beautiful!

I forgot to bring my camera to work with me (!) so I don’t have pictures of lunch, but I did have to show this new hummus flavor I bought this week.

IMG_8788 (2)

I’d never seen this flavor before, so I had to get it. We love their pine nut flavor, but this just sounded so interesting.

Plus – it has olives all throughout the hummus instead of just being on top. Really good on veggies!

Nick and I were both starving when we got home so we heated up dinner and ate while watching the news so we could get to the park with Maggie.

IMG_8791 (2)

More of that tasty, ugly casserole ;) I cooked some broccoli to have with it.

We bought Maggie a new toy this weekend, so we had to go try it out.

IMG_8795 (2)   IMG_8796 (2)

This picture cracks me up every time I see it :) Why is this so funny? I love it.

IMG_8797 (2)

We played with her for a while and then headed to the trail that runs along the river.

Little did we know what we would find…

IMG_8815 (2)

The entire path by the river was completely  surrounded by these flowers!

IMG_8811 (2)

IMG_8802 (2)


Isn’t it fun finding these little treasures where you don’t expect them? Between coming around the corner to see all the flowers and that picture of Maggie blinking, I just can’t stop smiling tonight :)

Time to get ready for LOST…


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  1. So beautiful! And maggie looks so happy with her toy!

  2. Ahhhh, seeing the flowers in bloom is just so refreshing. I love spring! Open windows, flip flops, and the glow that the sun brings to your face…..I am so ready for more sunshine and warm weather! :)

    Glad you had a great night,

  3. It looks so beautiful where you are!

  4. I’m cracking up looking at the Maggie blinking picture too. LOL!

  5. That is my new flavor of Hummus. I buy two everytime it is on sale. I love the olives.

  6. we don’t exactly have spring here…but I see people planting flowers into their gardens to get the effect of spring, lol.

    Saw your morel post. OMG. You’re amazing. That looked incredible!

  7. That picture makes me smile too! And I love wildflowers!

    That flavor was my first Sabra hummus experience, so good!

  8. Those are blue bells.
    You should pick some and decorate your house with them. (I think they are only around till May)

  9. LOVE,LOVE,LOVE that flavor of hummus!! But I have only had it once while on vacation in Fl. They don’t sell it around here :( Good luck on your new job!!

  10. Those flowers are awesome!!

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