Kitchen Dreaming

How’s your Monday going?

So far, mine has been busy.

Just the usual: working, Maggie convincing me she needs to go to the bathroom when she really just wants to go outside, lots of coffee and water…all in day’s work around here.

I’m going to have 2 Mexican flavored meals today! Dinner was planned already, but lunch just happened to use up some of the leftovers from last night.


I can’t get enough of these types of meals lately. Beans, grains + eggs.


So good!


Infomercial Sucker

So…my latest kitchen dream to order one of these HealthMaster blenders.


Have you seen this thing?

It’s basically a cheaper Vitamix, but it’s still pretty expensive.

I’ve watched the infomercial way too many times…I haven’t counted, but I pretty much watch it any time it’s on tv. Crazy, right?

Our blender just does not do a good job, plus we got it when we got married, so it’s almost 6 years old! It’s definitely time for a new one…I just have to save up.

And clear off my counter even more.


What kitchen appliances are you pining over?

My list:

A blender like the HealthMaster OR Vitamix

A food processor – still without one

A KitchenAid stand mixer! Be still my heart. That one has to wait until we have a bigger kitchen because I have no room for one.


And are you a sucker for infomercials like I am?

At least I’ve restrained myself from buying anything yet…but still! I just can’t stop watching once it’s on. It’s almost as bad as when The Notebook is on tv ;)



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  1. haha, i am a sucker too, but luckily i haven’t bought anything yet ;) vitamix is at the top of my list… when i get a bigger kitchen!!

  2. Actually, I can’t even think of a kitchen appliance that I don’t have. My latest purchase was a dehydrator. If we add anything else, our house will be bursting. You know you have a kitchen equipment issue when you store kitchen appliances in the living room (obviously tucked away in cabinets).

  3. I’d love to have a vitamix, a food processor and a juicer :-)

  4. I definitely would love a vitamix. And I’d save up for the real thing; apparently they never die. ALso, a dehydrator would be fun

  5. Hi there,
    How about a Healthmaster for your anniversary?

  6. We bought the HealthMaster a few months ago and LOVE it. We actually had a VitaMix and returned it after a few uses because it smelled like the motor was burning. But we haven’t had any problems at all with the HealthMaster and it really does work great. It’s worth the expense. My only complaint is that it’s honkin big!!

  7. For Christmas, 3 years ago, my husband got me a KitchenAid stand mixer AND a Cuisinart food processor!!! The BEST presents ever! I don’t use my food processor as much as I should but it is fantastic. I use my mixer all of the time. The one gadget that I wish I had would be a juicer, one that is big enough to devour a whole apple. It would be heaven.

  8. I’m SUCH a sucker–that’s how I got my bullet! :)

  9. I’m a total sucker…but not until after I research the heck out of something after seeing the commercial. It always ends up with me buying and trying a boatload of devices…such as my food processor hunt. I bought and tried almost all of them (starting with one I saw on TV), but ended up with a Cuisinart 4 cup Mini Prep Plus for about $35 on It makes WONDEFUL hummus, guacamole, and even does the frozen banana ice cream trick beautifully! I love it!

  10. I would love a high powered blender like a vitamix. I would also like a programable crock pot. And a four slice toaster or toaster oven.

  11. oh i could watch infomercials ALL day! and i am dying for a cusinart panini press with changeable plates!

  12. Nice meal…love the combination!

  13. I have the Cuisinart combination blender-food processor, but I would LOVE a VitaMix. It looks so powerful and incredible! And yes, I am also a “sucker” for infomercials–they always make the product look so fabulous. Enjoy your Mexican-themed meals! :)

  14. I’m pining over a dehydrator…although I know I wouldn’t use it that often!

    I gotta say…the vita mix was the best tool I’ve ever gotten. I’d say it’s worth the investment :D

    ..did you ever mention what that mystery side dish was the other day? lol

  15. I’d LOVE a Vitamix and Kitchen Aide Mixer!

  16. There are a few infomercials that I always watch. I really wanted a Ronco food dehydrator when I was younger!

  17. i used to be such a sucker for infomercials…until everything i bought turned out to not be too great.

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  19. I love beans and rice. And cheese :)

    I am such a sucker for infomercials. But the lame time life music ones. haha.

    I wanted a kitchen aid mixer for soo long and I just got one for easter! I would still love a new blender though!

  20. I am dying for a new, high-powered blender. I just started making smoothies for breakfast and my wimpy blender will NOT crush ice! I get around the problem by using frozen fruit instead, but still making a smoothie is like a 10 minute process. My poor neighbors in the morning!

    I have a cheap food processor (seriously, less than $40) and although it’s not great it really makes things easier. When I have more cash I’ll upgrade, but it does the trick for now. The baby of my kitchen is my KitchenAid stand mixer. My mom bought it for me for my birthday about five years ago and I just adore it. Even though I don’t use it every day, just seeing it on my counter makes me smile. And I know it will pretty much last me the rest of my life. :)

    So I’m not the only person who HAS to watch The Notebook every time it’s on (even though I own it on DVD)? Good to know.

  21. I really this comment is way past due, but I just found your site. I wrote about a million posts about my obsession with the Health Master and Bullet Express (food processor). I even bookmarked the sites and taped the infomercials! I was that obsessed. I really respect Montel, and believe in his product. I ended up getting the vitamix as a bday present, but my friend is getting the Health Master! I also got the Bullet Express processor (love that infomercial) and the Ninja food prep…. I am such a dork!

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