Half n Half

I can’t believe Sunday is already half over! I’m not ready for the work week to start again.


I tried my first Ezekiel English Muffin this morning.



I loved it! It’s definitely not the same texture as a normal English Muffin, but it was hearty and filling without being too dense.

I topped half the muffin with honey butter + Crofter’s blueberry jam, and the other half with canadian bacon + 1 egg.


Nick and I also finished off the pineapple and split some strawberries with breakfast. Plus coffee!


*We’ve totally gone through 1/2 a pound of coffee beans since Wednesday :\ That’s nuts!

After church, we ran a few errands (mostly puppy related since she was out of treats again) and headed home for the most random but delicious lunch.


This may be the most random meal we’ve ever had, mostly because of the one special ingredient which I’m not even going to tell you about yet!

Let’s just say our lunch hit Thailand with these awesome Thai Dumplings I found yesterday…



…Japan with the edamame on the side…


…and the mountains with our “mystery side dish”. Or back country. Or Appalachia. Take your pick!


Nick’s working on the shed flooring again and I’ve got laundry going. I’m hoping for a run today? If not a run, we’ll at least take Maggie on a long walk or to the park to play for a while.

Dinner is taco salads again!



Any guesses on the mystery ingredient?!? No answering Mom or Bob! :)



  1. No idea what the secret ingredient is but I’m totally curious! :)

  2. LOVE taco salads.

    Is Canadian Bacon , ham?

    I’m in Canada so all our bacon is Canadian lol

    I have no idea on the mystery ingredient. Mushrooms? Artichokes?

  3. I really want to try one of those english muffins! No idea on the ingredient :-)

  4. are those glazed nuts?! or battered shrooms?

  5. I hope that isn’t scrapple.

  6. I’m guessing meat of some kind–squirrel? possum? raccoon? rabbit? venison? (we have a neighbor who hunts and has given us all kinds of meat–venison is definitely the best!)

  7. I love Ezekiel English Muffins – so good and so filling!

    Those dumplings look awesome.

  8. I have no clue what the mystery ingredient is.. But I have a question, what kind of cutting board do you use? I had a hard plastic one, but I think it was dulling my knives because it did not give any, and now I have a wood one, but little wood chips come off; I just can’t win!

    • All of ours are plastic right now. I’d love to have a wood one,but I didn’t even think about it chipping!

  9. First thought–rocky mt. oysters?! If you don’t know, don’t google, you probably don’t want to know what they really are… :)

  10. Looks like fried chicken livers to me?!?

  11. It looks like some kind of fried meat or vegetable of some kind… I am so interested!!

  12. Glad your Sunday went well–I like how you split up your English muffin; one side sweet, and one savory!

  13. oh i love the sweet and savory sides of the muffin. and i have NO idea what that mystery pile is! i cant wait to hear!

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