Bunch of Fun

One of my most exciting purchases today at the grocery store were these:


I found these “Easter Egg Radishes” and just couldn’t resist picking up a bunch.


The bunch had a mix of red, pink, purple, and white radishes – they were so pretty sitting in the store!

I also knew they would go perfectly with dinner.


Taco Salads! One of my favorite meals, by far.

So easy, and so good.


Rule #784 why homemade food is better than store-bought or prepackaged:

This beef was the best taco meat I’ve ever made! And no seasoning packet is required. No weird ingredients. No soy protein isolate or random gluten or hidden sugars.

Just beef and spices. Specifically cumin, oregano, ancho chile powder, cayenne, garlic, and salt. Plus a little tomato paste.

SO good!

My salad had:

  • 3 cups romaine
  • pinto beans
  • ground beef
  • scallions
  • cilantro
  • avocado
  • salsa
  • radishes!
  • blue corn chips for scooping


If you’ve never tried radishes in a mexican-type meal, you’re missing out. They’re especially good with avocado. I love the crunch they add on salads or in tacos.

Nick just came in from working on a new shed floor outside and we’re about to start a movie.



  1. ooh, i’ve been meaning to try radishes again… didn’t like them as a kid, but my tastes have changed ;)

  2. That taco salad looks so good! :)

  3. I love radishes. So crunchy!

  4. Doesn’t food just come in wonderful arrays of color? I love it!

  5. Love taco salads, you just gave me a potential dinner idea to use up our Whole Foods ground beef (the best kind I swear by it) when we get back in town tonight!

    I agree, taco seasoning packets are bleck! I never buy them, I refuse, and I love making my own combo of flavors at home with natural spices instead :)

  6. Yum, I love taco salads!!! The best!

  7. it’s so weird that i’ve never bought radishes at home before. i actually really like them!

  8. I never buy radishes, but I always want to because they’re so pretty!

  9. You got me, I’ve never added radishes to a Mexican dish. In fact I’ve only ever bought radishes once or twice! But if I saw pretty ones like that I would probably buy them and find a way to use them – I have a hard time resisting pretty produce.

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