Drumroll Please…

The winner of the Rachael Ray Cast Iron Dutch Oven is…



The breakfast cookie sounds delicious, I totally need to try that. I could really use a dutch oven like that, so I will tell you, my favorite soup has to be anything made with butternut squash!



Congrats Cara!!! Please email me your address and your prize will be on its way.


Thanks to everyone who entered! This was a fun one.



My Friday treat is a local donut…


What’s yours?

Happy Friday!


  1. I’m so excited – this is my first time ever winning a giveaway! Thank you so much! I can’t wait to cook up some yummy, healthy dishes in that beautiful dutch oven :)

  2. Great treat! I’m thinking of going to ben and jerrys for a brownie sundae. The brownie wont be gluten free and I don’t love their ice cream, but I’ve been dying for an sundae since going to grezzo’s!

  3. I’m treating myself to Coconut M & M’s later.

  4. My favorite treat is that vanilla ice cream bar with the chocolatey shell. Kinda loke a klondike bar with a stick.

    *adding to my shopping list with coconut m&ms

  5. Oh I’m definitely having a treat later. Not sure what it will be yet…but that donut looks too good!

  6. I do dessert oatmeal. Throwing chocolate chips into my breakfast may have been the smartest idea I’ve ever had…

  7. YUM! That donut looks delicious! I haven’t had one in ages..
    My friday treat is some take out Pad Thai! Yum!

  8. Wait, what?! We’re allowed a Friday treat?! Hehe. I’m going for a cupcake :)

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