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One of my favorite things about Spring is the sound of birds chirping in the morning.

We have these trees in our yard that the birds (and bats!) love. The sound of them chirping away, having conversations with each other that I don’t understand, makes me happy.

They’re awake before I am, ready to face the day.

Excited about the warmth of the morning and the sun rising just a bit earlier.

Their joyful cooing always raises my spirits.

And the roosters across the street don’t hurt either ;) All these sounds around us remind me that there are bigger things happening than whatever is going on in our little house! The changing of the seasons doesn’t just affect me – things are blooming and changing all around me.

This morning, Nick and I woke up with the birds and I got started on the Ultimate Banana Split.


The only thing I’m missing today is ice cream, but I thought I’d save that for a special Friday-kick-off-the-weekend meal ;)


Besides the whipped cream, I had all the necessary toppings!


  • 1 small banana, split
  • 1/3 cup oatbran, cooked with 1 cup water, pinch salt, cinnamon
  • strawberries
  • pineapple
  • Dark chocolate dreams pb


This pineapple is so good! I don’t think it will last much longer…




I may be the last person to join Twitter, but I did it – thanks to everyone for the warm welcome! I think I’m already addicted…

You can follow me @branappetit


What do you like most about Spring?


Make sure to check out my giveaway if you haven’t already! I’m picking a winner tomorrow at lunch.



  1. The blooming flowers! I love to see all of the beautiful, colorful flowers just coming alive.

    Love your banana split, of course. ;)

  2. I just love the signs of new life. And the scents! They smell so fresh!

  3. That breakfast looks amazing! I’m going to have to try that with my son – maybe it will get him to love oatmeal like his mama does! :)

  4. I got a Twitter account. Put one message up. Never changed it in a month or so. Closed the account.

    Now I’m debating trying it again :( I really think its so silly! Good for your blog though!

  5. ah, the birds are wonderful, as are all the blooms!!! hope the burn went well last night, as in, it didn’t get anywhere near the house ;)

  6. ps- i’m not on twitter or facebook ;)

  7. Yikes, bats!

    What a beautiful breakfast.

  8. Gorgeous breakfast!! I love everything about spring, normally. Right now Michigan “spring” is on my naughty list…2 inches of snow today so far and more falling. Ewwwwwwww. Welcome to the Twitter phenom!

  9. yay! I saw you were on twitter. I need to get on and follow you back!

  10. Hoooray for being on twitter! It has it’s ups and down but can be totally addicting!

  11. I saw you joined last night! I have to add you :-) I’m horrible at using it but I love the instant connection.

  12. I love the smell in the air. So fresh and clean!

  13. I’m not on twitter, I don’t need anything else to be addicted to ;-)

  14. There is so many glorious things about spring–but hearing the birds chirping is definitely one of my favorites!!

  15. That looks absolutely decadent! And yay for joining Twitter – be prepared to become addicted. :)

  16. i am pretty sure i am the last person to join twitter – i haven’t joined yet!

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the looks of the split girl – happy thursday :)

  17. Welcome to twitter! It grows on you. (I’m Arisu_2).

    I may have to try the banana split tomorrow. My first order from arrives today! I spent $35 on peanut butter. Yes, it IS all your fault. After a week of seeing your white chocolate peanut butter creations, I placed an order. (Also trying the dark chocolate, mighty maple, and spicy peanut butter!) You can never have enough peanut butter, right?

  18. Can’t get over the cuteness of your banana splits! My favourite spring things are warmer weather, longer days, farmer’s markets opening and long bike rides! YAY Spring!

  19. That is a beautiful breakfast! I love the extra daylight and warm weather the best, it makes everything from getting up in the morning to exercising easier!
    So happy to see you on Twitter :)

  20. I recently discovered mint chip italian ice as well – new favorite thing!

  21. ohhh. love the DCD addition. welcome to twitter! even though i am rarely on there. fave thing about spring has got to be the smell in the air. i love mountain spring air.

  22. Did you change your Twitter Mind?? I couldn’t find ya. I am @SaladCrazeBlog

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