Perfect Ratio

Well, the weather turned crummy today!

It started raining here right after lunch, and it’s been pouring ever since. We ended up not running once Nick got home since it was still nasty outside  – guess we’ll have to do some this weekend! I am glad I took Maggie on a short walk at lunchtime because it’s too gross to take her out to play tonight.

We had to run up to the store tonight to get that tax software (no, we haven’t done ours yet!), so we decided to have dinner at one of our favorite local places, The New River Grille.


I got my usual – the buffalo burger and onion rings.

I had to compare them to the ones we made last night! ;)


The meal was actually better tonight than normal! They switched to homemade buns, and it was really, really good.

I hate when you have tons of extra bun, you know? But these were the same size as the patty – the perfect ratio of bread!

Plus, they crisped up the inside of the bun and the rest of it was still fluffy and soft.

We just got home and are going to be playing with Maggie until she falls asleep – that could take a while since she didn’t get her normal walk/run/fetch time outside.


Fun breakfast + announcement at breakfast! See ya in the morning :)


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  1. That meal looks delicious. :)
    Good night! (Yikes, it’s past 1 am here!).

  2. Can’t wait to hear your announcement! I love suspense ;)

  3. I would have never thought you could make just a bun sound so delicious!

  4. Love a good bun to patty ratio :-)

  5. Why do I think you got a different job?
    (food related)

  6. I hate when there is lots of excess bread too!! Funny the things that can bug a person about food huh!?

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