New Use for Leftovers

Today is a work-from-home day.

That means I’m typically in a t-shirt and jeans, and no shoes = no problem. In the winter, I just put on my sweats after getting out of the shower. It’s awesome :)

It also means that I rarely dry my hair and I don’t put anything on my face since I’m in the house all day working, except for my lunchtime walk with Maggie.


Even though I’m working, I feel like those days just give me a break in the morning since I’m not having to get ready to be seen by anyone else. It’s kinda nice! I like giving my hair a day off from the dryer and my skin a break from makeup.

But the best (and worst) thing about working from home is being able to pick what I want for lunch when I’m ready for it.

I love being able to decide what I’m in the mood for that day, but it’s SO hard to decide when I have a fridge full of choices!

We have a bunch of random veggies today, so I heated those up, added some extra seasoning (garlic, crushed red pepper) and whipped up some quick + easy deviled eggs.


Since I didn’t have any deviled eggs on Easter (and after seeing them everywhere lately), I had to make some today.

I ran into a problem when I went to make them, but found an easy solution!

I had NO plain yogurt in the house. And I like using yogurt instead of mayo, so I just worked with what I had.


I’ve been meaning to try hummus with eggs and I finally made it happen today.

And the secret ingredient in my eggs? Smoked paprika. Seriously – it’s our favorite spice.

For the deviled mix, I added 1 Tbsp or so of hummus, a squirt of dijon mustard, some salt, smoked paprika, and a tiny bit of relish to the yolks before adding them back to the whites.


I’m pretty sure hummus should always be included in deviled eggs from now on – try it!

As for my “lunch dessert” today, I found it in this cute package of the new dessert flavors of Oikos I received to sample last week. Thanks Kristina!




This was some of the cutest packaging I’ve ever seen – I loved the little cupcake liners :)


I love the chocolate at the bottom. Not a yogurt I would eat every day for breakfast, but it’s great for a sweet treat! It definitely reminded me of the Stonyfield Chocolate Underground (which I also love), just with a thicker texture. Yum!

Congrats to Kacie who won the Aurorae yoga mat giveaway! Know what’s even better? She won it ON her birthday! How fun :)

Don’t forget – you can use the OpenSky coupon from the contest through next Monday, April 12th.

I have another awesome project starting tomorrow that I’m really excited about.


Do you work from home? If so, what’s your biggest distraction? If not, do you think you could get your stuff done at home?


  1. I’m having roasted red pepper hummus on my sandwich today! Let’s see… biggest distraction working at home would definitely be our dog. He’s a 100-pound chocolate lab, and he thinks the best time to bring his toys over to me is when I’m on a conference call. :)

  2. I did an internship from home once… it was no good for me. My productivity levels were just awful! But I will admit, it was nice not having to fix the hair/do the makeup. After a few weeks of going all natural, I think I almost looks more refreshed!

  3. I could easily do most of my job from home, however, I work for government and working from home and counting it as work is a no-no.
    But my job is primarily internet/phone based. I could totally do it.

    I’ll probably advocate for it once DH and I have a child, but I don’t really anticipate it being an option. Sad. :(

  4. The days I work from home my biggest distraction is actually Hunni. He is usually in the office and calls me all the time to ask questions. I get more done sick sitting in my office.

  5. i LOVE using hummus for deviled eggs! it is SO good, huh?! i would be bad at working from home. the pups are just too lovable :)

  6. Ahhh yes when I work at home I spend at least 15 minutes hovering between the cupboards & the fridge trying to decide what to have. Too many choices!! Nice work whipping something up :)

  7. EVERYTHING distracts me when I work from home!! I KNOW if I work at my desk I’m 100% more productive– I just never get the motivation to actually go to my desk….;)

  8. I’ve worked from home before but I get distracted by everything! mostly the kitchen ;-)

  9. I don’t work from home but sure wish I did!

  10. Hey B, you would be proud! I made a breakfast cookie today with cinnamon, and applesause then topped with the new dannon greek strawberry yogurt and fresh strawberries! It was good! And I finally found the Stoneyfield chocolate underground yogurt! I can’t wait to try it!!! And I’m going to get white chocolate peanut butter today!!!

    • Woohoo! Now I want another b-fast cookie!

      Let me know what you think about the pb! Miss you!

  11. I work from home all the time. As a freelance photographer the only thing I do outside of home are the actual shoots but everything else is done here.
    It’s bad honestly. I’m a huge procrastinator and some days I actually crave that routine, waking up and going somewhere and talking to real people. That’s why I always go to the gym in the morning, it just makes me feel better :)

  12. Aww your pup is so cute!!

    Chocolate Oikos is really good, though I still prefer plain and to add my own chocolate. lol. The new caramel flavor is amazing though! :)

  13. Deviled eggs! Loved that idea! And, I love how you used hummus instead of yogurt/mayo. Eggs and hummus are always a staple in my fridge, and I’m a fan of smoked paprika, too. Thanks for the quick lunch idea.

    I do work from home. I think my biggest distraction is chores. When I see that the tub is dirty, that the toilet could be cleaned or the shelves have dust on them, I feel the need to do some housekeeping. Maybe I’m just one big procrastinator?!

  14. I would do just about anything to eat the stuff you show me all the time. Dang man, i looks so yummy.

  15. I essentially work from home–I’m in an online degree program so all of my classes are online. My biggest distractions: my pups, house work, and the internet!

  16. I just tried the chocolate and I love it! Try freezing them. Tastes just like chocolate ice cream! :)

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  18. Oh I love the chocolate Oikos but I’ve had a hard time tracking them down in stores!

    I work from home quite often. It’s great but it’s also tough…especially since I work in social media, it’s a fine line between work and play!

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