Run in the Park

I’ve been so productive today, both with work and the blog. It’s been a busy one, that’s for sure.

But I have some fun stuff coming up and I’m really excited about the next couple of days ;)

Lunch today was easy, but so good.


I picked up some whole wheat everything bagels from one of our local health food stores and Nick and I both brought one for lunch today.


I had sundried tomato hummus, spinach, and red onion on mine.

What is it about everything bagels? They’re so good – I just wish I didn’t feel like I had those seeds stuck in my teeth for the rest of the day :)

I also had some celery and hummus with my lunch.


That’s a lot of hummus today! Good thing I like it.

This afternoon was just crazy at work. I felt like I never stopped. I finally remembered to take a quick break around 4 and eat a banana since I knew we were running this afternoon.

As soon as we got home from work, we changed clothes and headed to the park with Maggie.

This park is great. It sits right on the river, so there’s always a nice little breeze. Plus, you can’t beat that view!


She had a blast, and we ran about 2.5 miles probably? We didn’t wear our heart rate monitors, so I’m not sure how far we went but it was fun!


It’s really hard to get a good picture of her when she’s outside because she’s so fast! Just like a rabbit – she just runs, full speed, all the time.



I did hold her long enough to let Nick take a picture of us. I’d say she had a good time tonight!


We just got home around 7:30, cleaned up from the run, and heated up dinner.


Thank goodness for leftovers!

We had some of my spring pasta from last night, and an easy side dish of green beans/corn/salt/pepper/garlic.


My favorite part about running after work?

It means that I eat dinner in my pajamas :) and I love it!

I’ve got some work to finish up before LOST comes on…maybe they’ll answer a few questions this week? I won’t keep my hopes up.



  1. There’s definitely something so satisfying about eating a meal in PJ’s

  2. Yay for dinner in PJ’s :-)

  3. I love running in the afternoon when I can just get straight into my PJ’s too.

    Can’t wait to see what you have up your sleeves.

  4. I don’t think you can ever consume enough hummus. Or Peanut Butter. These two things have no rules when it comes to amounts that are eaten in one day! ;)

    Glad you had a wonderful afternoon.

    Maggie is getting so big! :)

  5. Sandwiches taste so much better on bagels!

  6. that green color is just stunning on you, girl!!! you are too stinkin’ gorgeous =)

    • Thanks Jenny :) And right back at ya! That green is my FAVORITE color. My bedroom at my parents’ house used to be that color.

  7. Everything bagels are my favorite too; but my latest worry is that my Green Monsters leave spinach in my teeth!

  8. I just ate dinner in my pj’s too. Simple, delightful pleasure.

    Looks like it was an awesome run!

  9. Mmmmm I love leftovers! And bagels :)

  10. heheh…dinner in pj’s rock! makes clean up afterwards that much easier!

  11. i was never a fan of everything bagels, but i bet i’d love them now :) i surely eat that much hummus w/o thinking about it though! love those pics from the park!

  12. I love eating dins in my PJs! And just lounging around my apartment in my PJs. So comfy.

    Your pup is so playful and fun. She must be a great running partner!

  13. Maggie’s so cute! :)
    Well, I’ve never had a bagel in my life! They’re not that common here. Some shops have them but I just prefer good ol’ bread. :)
    Still haven’t watched this weeks’ LOST. This afternoon I’ll be all over it!

  14. So jealous of your whole wheat everything bagels! :) I love everything bagels, but nobody in my area makes them in a whole grain!

  15. Hi Brandi

    Gosh, I go away on vacation and Maggie gets so big.
    Love the action shots!

  16. Oh, man! I am SO behind on Lost. I really need to catch up via

  17. That picture of you and Maggie is adorable! And Lost was AWESOME this week. I’d say we’re starting to get somewhere. ;)

  18. that photo of you two is frame worthy!!!

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