A Raw Treat

Nick and I reviewed a new treat the other day!


I got some samples from Blue Mountain Organics, and we couldn’t wait to break into this one!


This Cacao Walnut Brownie is from their Raw Bakery line. They actually have 4 different lines under the company, including the Cashew Creamery that makes that cappuccino cashew cream Nick and I devoured.

Check out those ingredients – just dates, agave, cacao powder, walnuts, and flax.



As soon as I opened the package, I smelled cocoa – yum.

We split it in half so we could both try it.


It totally looked like a normal, fudgey brownie on the outside, and I loved seeing the little chunks of walnuts, which are Nick’s favorite thing to have in brownies.



Nick’s review?


He really liked it! He said he could tell that the sweetness was a bit different from the dates (instead of sugar), but the cocoa flavor and crunch from the walnuts were great.


I loved it!

The cocoa flavor was so rich! And I loved the bites with walnuts – it gave the brownie some great texture.

They also make a cacao hazelnut one that sounds amazing…like a nutella flavored brownie? ;)


Have you tried any raw treats? What’s your favorite?



  1. I am trying to eat more raw foods and am aiming for two raw meals per day though I am not there yet. I have had a couple of raw treats, raw macaroons and I made my own raw granola this past weekend.

  2. I haven’t tried any raw treats, ever! It’s not that common here in Portugal, not that I know of. Maybe I should try doing them myself :)

  3. Those look great! I love the idea of raw treats – I love anything with dates! I love the clif C bars and lara bars – and want to try making some sort of raw treat maybe this week :)
    The hazelnut cacao bar does sound amazing – going to look into this company!!

  4. That looks really good, almost like the real thing. I’ve tried tons of raw treats and love them all! Especially faux reese’s pb cubs made with raw almond butter and cocoa.

  5. So many great sounding products on their website! I’d love to get my hands on some samples.

  6. Wow, those look delish! I live in the middle of processed foodsville, I’m having a hard time finding a health food store that actually sells goodies like those, but I did stumble across a raw spirulina, seed, and carob bar at a health food store back home the other weekend.

  7. It’s always a treat to find goodies that have so few ingredients, yet are tasty!

  8. I haven’t but I want to after this review. Sounds amazing!

  9. I had a raw brownie made my Evan (http://foodmakesfunfuel.com/) and it was SO good!

  10. Sounds yummy! I made homemade Larabars with similar ingredients. I have to try to convert the recipe into brownies!

  11. That sounds good! I’ll take a brownie in any shape or form! yum!

  12. Wow that looks delicious!! I’ve never tried any raw treats, but I sure need to!

  13. I like to try raw treats when I get up to Whole Foods. I’ve had a raw brownie and it was awesome. I love the taste of dates.

  14. haha, love the photos and thanks for the review! i am surprised that it is raw, it looks like a regular, baked brownie.

  15. Looks amazing! (And love the silly photos – so cute!) I’ve had a raw vanilla creme macaroon before and it was to die for!

  16. Those look delicious! The ingredient list kind of reminds me of the Raw Revolution bars which I reaally love!

  17. I’m having trouble because I keep envisioning those gross packaged fudge brownies :(

    • They’re definitely not like those! I remember those, too. These are awesome AND good for you.

  18. ooh, i almost picked up one of their goodies at the store, but put it back due to the price tag… i’ll have to save it for a treat :)

  19. Was it similar to a Larabar because of the dates? I haven’t tried many raw products for that reason – not the biggest fan of Larabars. But maybe I’m not giving them a chance!

    • Yes and no. You could definitely tell that the sweetness was from dates, but the cocoa flavor was SO rich that it didn’t has as strong of a “date” flavor like the Larabars do.

  20. Raw brownies are so tasty! They’re also reaaally simple if you have a food proc. You should check out my recipe if you’re interested in them

  21. sounds good! i would love to try that stuff out!

  22. Looks amazing! I LOVE brownies!

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