Monday Fun!

Sorry about the error in the link this morning!

I’ve updated the post, so make sure to enter the Aurorae yoga mat giveaway here.


Want some more giveaways?

Make sure to check these out:

There’s been a lot of Banana Split oatmeal sightings lately – what great topping ideas! I’m going to have to get more creative with my toppings, for sure.




Yum. I may need another banana split for lunch  ;)



How are you going to be active today?

Maggie and I will take a short walk at lunch (as usual), and there will either be running after work OR a walk/trip to the park. It’s beautiful today!


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  1. I need to get on the banana split bandwagon. They look sooo good!

  2. They do look amazing! Sounds like an awesome weekend breakfast to me ;)
    Today I went swimming and after that walked around the city running errands! I’m actually pretty tired! Well, there’s more tomorrow :)

  3. Lovely banana splits. :)

    I hope to get in a walk as it’s beautiful outside. Have a good day Brandi! :)

  4. I’m still sore after my race but I want to get in a walk today. I’m hoping the weather holds or I might be hitting the treadmill.

  5. LOVE the banana split! :D

  6. I’m hoping to make it to the gym for a little yoga and then go for a nice walk with the dog since the weather is so warm these days.

  7. now you’ve got me craving an oatmeal banana split, i’ve never had one! one reason i love the blog world =)

  8. My yoga teacher swears by that brand! I just got bought a mat for christmas though so I won’t be greedy and enter…

    Love the banana split idea – looks so appetizing!

  9. Love those banana splits! They look fabulous!

    For my activity today I ran almost 9 miles, and grocery shopped at 4 different stores!!!

  10. I love the Banana Split Oats! :D Thanks for posting them! :)

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