April Showers

We’ve had a crazy night, weather-wise.

It was beautiful all day long – sunny, in the 60s-70s, and just a slight breeze in the air.

We planned on running after work, but by the time Nick got home, it was pouring.

I went ahead and started on dinner, and while it was cooking, it started hailing! We haven’t had hail here in years. And as quick as it started, the hail stopped.

And…of course…as soon as dinner was ready, the rain stopped, too.

We went ahead and ate anyways.



I planned the perfect Spring time meal!

Since our Easter didn’t include a normal Easter feast, I combined most of my favorite Spring foods into dinner tonight.


I made a whole wheat pasta with diced ham, asparagus, and peas with a light sauce made from whole wheat flour, milk, broth, and onion.

But the secret ingredients? Just a touch of fresh parsley and lemon zest, right before serving. It was so bright tasting! And I loved the mix of asparagus and peas together.


Since we had green veggies in the pasta already, I really wasn’t sure what to have alongside it, but then I remembered our strawberries! A simple salad of spinach, red onion, strawberries, and a vinaigrette was the perfect touch.

After we finished eating, we took Maggie on a walk around the neighborhood. We just got back at 8, and it’s raining again! We could see lightening the entire way home and we got back inside the house just as it was starting to rain again.

Let’s hope this rain makes our tulips bloom faster! I saw one bud today and can’t wait :)


I’ve got a LOT of work to do tonight – all fun stuff, but still busy!



  1. Hail?! That is freaky.
    And I love strawberries on a salad! I can’t wait until the sales start

  2. That stinks about the rain. I hate when rain puts a damper on plans. Oh well, at least dinner made up for it. Looks so refreshing and delicious! :)

    Have a good night Brandi!

  3. Random weather makes me smile. Not when it ruins plans but when I can watch the storms approach. They look so cool.

  4. mother nature’s been crazy here in l.a. too. we had an earthquake yesterday, and last night/this morning it was pouring, then stopped outa nowhere and got beautiful and sunny!

  5. Mmmm the pasta sounds delicious!!!!
    Hail is AWFUL! We had golf ball size hail last Sunday night, bah.

  6. That salad looks so delicious and yeah… I miss the summer. :P

  7. Yikes, I really don’t like hail. It’s great that you got a walk in though in between storms. Dinner looks great!

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