Easter Catch-up

Happy Easter!

I hope you had a great weekend! Ours was filled with lots of family fun and celebrations. I hope yours was filled with love and friends and family, as well :)

I know I left out a lot from yesterday, so this post will mostly be pictures. I’m just worn out from this weekend and am ready to get these posted and cuddle with Nick and Maggie ;)



Pretzel rolls and Floatinis from Bull & Bones.


Then dinner at The Palisades!





Chicken Pesto Pizza on Honey Wheat Crust


Supreme Pizza, also on Honey Wheat Crust


Delicious, as always. My mom and Melissa loved The Palisades! I knew they would ;)


Mom and Melissa split this chocolate and Grand Marnier cake (and I had a bite – so good and rich!) I love chocolate + orange flavors together.

And Nick and I split this amazing cherry caramel bread pudding.


After dinner, we came home, put on our pajamas, and watched Julie & Julia since they hadn’t seen it yet.


Today was kind of crazy, but fun! Mom and Melissa packed up the car this morning before church and we ate lunch together before they got on the road to go back home.

We actually had a hard time finding a place to eat, so we ended up at Red Robin.


I had their veggie burger + side salad and since it was so beautiful today, Nick and I took Maggie to the park for a couple of hours this afternoon.




I love this park – it’s right on the river and it’s not usually very busy so Maggie can just around with us.


Gross fact of the day: Maggie found a dead fish and loved it. Like…she brought it out of the water and rolled all over it and was eating it. She smelled disgusting and we tried to make her get in the water to rinse off.

Fun fact of the day: Maggie finally decided she liked the water, and she ended up swimming for the first time ever! We were so excited and were cheering her on :)

We came home from the park, gave her a bath, and then Nick and I got working on stuff around the house. He cut the grass while I watched Maggie and worked on laundry.

We had more stuffed baked potatoes tonight for dinner – so good and easy.

And I’m pooped!


* M
ake sure to check in tomorrow morning  – I have a fun giveaway ;)


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  1. So glad you had a wonderful time with your family. :)

    Happy Easter hun!

  2. Happy Easter! Looks like a fun and yummy one :-)

  3. Looks like you had a great time. Our dogs love dead fish too and it is nasty.

  4. Ha! Dogs love to roll around in the GROSSEST things! You’re not alone.

  5. Glad you had a good day! And Maggie is so cute eheh :)

  6. hehehe…maggie is so cute, and getting so BIG!

    glad you had a wonderful meal out, the desserts look wonderful!

  7. That bread pudding looks amazing.

    Your sister is so cute. I love her hair!

  8. ah! all the food looks SO good. those pretzel rolls would be the end of me. maggie is getting HUGE! i enjoyed both the fun and gross facts!

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