Pancakes and Pasta

Is this week flying by for anyone else?

I’m SO excited that Thursday is half way over.

This weekend is going to fabulous. I have a very exciting (and busy!) day tomorrow, and my mom and sister will be arriving tomorrow night for the weekend!!! :) So excited for some family time and great weather.

With my busy day tomorrow and weekend guests, I have a bunch of stuff I need to get done today and tomorrow, but all of it should be fun.

Back to breakfast!

I realized I still had some egg whites left in my carton and needed to use them = a great reason for oatmeal pancakes.


Plus…I’ve had this White Chocolate Wonderful peanut butter for breakfast every day this week, so I didn’t think I should stop now ;)


This white chocolate pb melts like crazy!

I made my normal oatmeal pancake mix (oats, egg whites, pinch of salt, cinnamon, baking powder) and topped them with White Chocolate pb and strawberries.


This is the same oatmeal pancake recipe from Kath that I’ve seen all over the place, but I always split the batter into 2 cakes instead of one.

Why? Well, it’s easier for me to flip them in the pan at this size AND I like having an actual stack of pancakes, instead of just one big one. That means there are 2 layers of peanut butter instead of one ;)


Lunch today was quick + easy!

I heated up some of the pasta dish from earlier this week and the last of the broccoli from last night.


Having this fast option in the fridge left Maggie and I plenty of time to take a lunch time walk today.


And with that, we’re off to stretch our legs in the sunshine :)


Do you notice a difference in your mood if the weather is nice?

I definitely do! Days like this just make me happy.


  1. A perfect reason to use up those egg white! And I am so happy you are enjoying the White Choc. Wonderful. It’s probably my favorite out of them all (expect for Mighty Maple!)

    Enjoy the day today. My mood is always sooo much better in the sun! :)

  2. Yes! I am so much happier now that it’s not raining.

  3. Mmmm your pancakes sound fantastic!!!

  4. Definitely! I am sooo much happier when the sun is out :-)

  5. For sure, I am in a much better mood when the weather is nice!

  6. Nice weather definitely changes my mood. Makes me happier and more eager to workout.

  7. Defnitely! When it’s all windy and blustery, I feel like blasting at someone, too. Haha. Must explain why I’m mostly in a good mood in SoCal! :-)

  8. i like making smaller cakes too, for the stackability :)

  9. Love oatmeal pancakes! Do you use whole oats or do you grind them? That White Chocolate PB looks too good to be true! I am so tempted to try it now after reading all of your blog posts and seeing all of your pics. I hope you have a great time this weekend with your family. It’s going to be nice in Boston finally, too! And the weather impacts my mood so much. I feel energized, happy and excited :)

  10. oh yes, my mood definitely changes with the good weather! I can’t wait for this weekend, it’s supposed to hit 80 degrees here. Don’t have any plans yet but I will be sure to enjoy it!

    And I need to be on the lookout for that choco-chobani from a few posts ago :)

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