Repeats + Non-Food Blogging

Happy Humpday!

Lunch today was easy, thanks to meal prep + leftovers :)

I had more of my oat groat salad, the last of the green bean/pepper/onion mixture and celery and hummus.


This is a new smooth and creamy style of Cedar’s Hummus – yum. Reminds me of Sabra, but I got this one because I had a coupon.


I also have a fun snack for this afternoon! I actually can’t wait until my lunch wears off so I can try it.


Being involved in the “healthy living / food blogging” arena pretty much means that the majority of the blogs I read are in the same category. I’ve made such great friends with other bloggers, both from reading their blogs AND from meeting some bloggers in real life, and I wouldn’t give that up for anything.

While I love all the blogs in my google reader, there are a few “non-food” blogs that I’m a little obsessed with, as well.

My favorite non-food blogs right now are:

  1. What I Wore – HAVE to check this every day! And I would like to have her entire closet.
  2. Young House Love – SO obsessed with this lately! Nick and I are looking to do some painting and other jobs around the house, and this blog is great for design ideas and DIY info.
  3. The Superficial – soooo so bad, but so funny.

It’s so fun to see what other people are writing about that aren’t obsessed with food, like I am ;)

Do you read any non-food blogs? What are your favorites?


  1. I actually read a TON of non-food blogs. I really like,,, (she does food + other fun things) – those are just to name a few!

  2. I read a lot of non food/health blogs but my fav is Ornamental by Nina Bagley (a relatively famous handmade jewelry designer) and her blog is just about her musings on life. Her photography is stunning and I love how open and honest she is.

  3. There are blogs out there without food?! Haha. Unfortunately I don’t; I usually go to mainstream websites for that sort of entertainment

  4. I love YoungHouseLove!! They live in Richmond, represent! :)

  5. I’m always on the hunt for good deals, so I also read, and Does Perez Hilton count as well? :)

  6. A lot of the non-food blogs are friends websites so i can see their kids.

  7. Most of my non-food blog reads are about running, triathlons, and my friends!!

  8. I read YHL, too!! Others are (that count, right?) and some baby blogs for whatever reason.

  9. Looks like we read the same ‘non food’ blogs!

  10. thanks for showing us a few of the other blogs you read! i do read a few fashion ones, wedding ones, funny ones and my friends “in real life” blogs.

  11. I love Cakewrecks and Post Secret!

  12. I love design*sponge! And I actually quite like Young House Love myself: those kinds of sites are ADDICTIVE!

  13. I read blogs related to my profession sometimes, but that’s about it.

    I checked out What I Wore from that link, and waddaya know? The writer is a graduate of IUB, right here in my town! Unfortunately, that’s the only commonality we have; I wish I had her style (and legs).

  14. I really love Closet 365. Also (except I wouldn’t necessarily consider these blogs) – Overheard in New York, FMyLife, and Passive Aggressive

  15. hahaha…i love the blog superficial! never heard of it but it’s hilarious!

    hrm…i read some peta comic blogs and newspapers…but most of my blogs are food related!

  16. I love non-food blogs too though I mostly read food blogs. What I Wore is an awesome one… and she’s a really good friend of a really good friend (though I’ve never met her) :) And yes, The Superficial is so bad but so good!!

  17. I like the ceadar’s hummus and think it’s similar to sabra too. Cheaper which is good.

    Love having leftovers for lunch! Always tasty and satisfying.

    Can’t wait to hear about this fun snack! :)

  18. I actually read mostly food blogs just because that’s how I decided to start mine, but I do read a few celeb blogs and HeyItsFree.Net..all free stuff all the time!

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