Fully Loaded

What a perfect Spring day!

Work was crazy, but that’s pretty normal right now. We’ve just been swamped in our office! While I was finishing up work today, I tried a new yogurt.


I won these Chobani Champion yogurts a few weeks ago and finally remembered to bring one to work with me.



I loved this flavor! The yogurt had a great cocoa flavor, and it went really well with my strawberries.


After another busy day in the office, I was more than ready to go home. I talked to my mom about their visit this weekend and then Nick and I headed to the park with Maggie!



It was beautiful today!


Perfect park weather.


And Maggie definitely enjoyed the time outside.

We walked around the park for about an hour with her, playing fetch and letting her explore.


As soon as she saw the geese in the river, Maggie watched them like a hawk! She would have loved to go in after them, but they were a little too far away for her ;)



She also made friends with one other dog in the park before we came back home.

Dinner tonight was some crazy fully loaded potatoes.


My little sister told me about this place they visited in Ireland (I think?) – the restaurant was just one big baked potato bar!

She said you could just about anything on a potato there: avocado, hummus, beans, veggies, etc.

So, I decided to try the hummus on potato idea, and I’m glad I did. It’s delicious!


I topped my baked potato with:

  • salt
  • pepper
  • olive oil
  • garlic hummus
  • salsa
  • avocado


We had some broccoli and turkey sausage on the side. This dinner was so quick! I’d much rather slow cook the potatoes in the oven, but since I didn’t get started on dinner until 7:15, I just cooked them in the microwave while I pan seared the sausage and cooked the broccoli.

If you haven’t tried hummus on a baked potato, do it soon. I had it on a sweet potato for lunch last week, too. I think I like it better on sweet potatoes, but either way, I’m glad Tiff told me about this.

I should have taken a picture of Nick’s potato :) His had butter, 2 kinds of cheese, sausage, salsa, and sour cream. It was fun making our own combinations for dinner.


Oh yeah! I registered for my first running race in almost a year :) It’s just a local (and free!) race and I’ll be running it with a friend/co-worker. Should be fun! I’m pretty sure we get to run on the VT football field! I’m super excited about that.

And my legs are definitely sore after running yesterday. Guess we better get back on a schedule…



  1. How fun to run a free race :-)
    I surprisingly am not a fan of cocoa powder in yogurt. I want to try the caramel oikos, though!

  2. During my study in Spain there was a restaurant called Papasa that was a baked potato restaurant. It was my goal to get a different one each time I went. I loved how random some combination seemed like but how delicious they tasted.

  3. I would definitely try hummus on a sweet potato! That sounds like a great idea. I love hummus, and I love sweet potatoes, so it must taste great!

  4. Yum! I would kill for strawberries with chocolate right about now :)

  5. wow, that yogurt looks really good! ive never seen it in stores, i will keep an eye out. love the maggie photos, as usual. and loaded potatoes?! YUM! did you know today was national tater day?!?

  6. So my sorority house has a “baked potato bar” day on the menu most weeks, and today was one of them! I too, have found that baked potatoes pair amazinglyy with some peppa, salsa, hummus and/or avocado :)

  7. ooohhh i just went to a restaurant on tuesday that had a BILLION baked potato toppings, and i was totally like – why do i not experiment with this more often? cheap and delicious!

    p.s. want to find that chobani now.

  8. I want to move where you are! It looks like the most relaxing place to take a stroll.

    Congrats on registering for the race! I’m sure it’ll feel great to get back in there… especially when it is FREE (unknown concept here, I’m sure)!

  9. yum! I loved the chobani champions. I bet the chocolate with the strawberries was amazing.

  10. I love chocolate yogurt and that sounds fantastic. The park photos are also adorable as well.

  11. Hummus on potatoes does sound delish!

    I won that yogurt too but gave it to a friend since I gave up chocolate for Lent. It looks so good!

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