Reuniting Run


Long time, no see.


That’s right. Nick and I went running today for the first time in over 5 months. I guess the good (and bad) thing about having a blog is I can look up exactly when we went last.

The weather was just beautiful today and we wanted to get Maggie outside for a while after work, so we gave it a whirl.

Nick had Maggie on her lead while we ran, and she did okay! We went about 2 miles running and another half mile walking back to the house.

And me? Well…I can definitely tell I haven’t run in 5 months :\ 

BUT – I’m so glad we went. Maggie needed 2 walking breaks during our run and I only needed one ;)  I ended up having a pretty bad side stitch about halfway through, but that’s also pretty normal for me.

Now that the weather is better and we’ll be running more often, I definitely need some better fuel!


I had some veggies + hummus at work this afternoon – good snack, but I think I need something more filling if we’re going to be running after work. My lunch also wasn’t big enough – I was pretty hungry today and didn’t have much else for a snack.

After we got back, stretched, and showered, Nick and I heated up some pasta leftovers for dinner.


Leftover pasta is the best! I think it tasted even better tonight – this recipe was definitely a success!


I think Maggie’s ready for LOST…




  1. Congrats on the run! It’s so much more enjoyable when the weather is nice :D

  2. Congrats on getting back to running. I’m sure Maggie will end up loving it.

  3. Maggie looks done! I love tiring the dog out :)
    Congrats on getting back into running!

  4. Yay for the first run of the season! Maggie is too cute ;-)

  5. Congrats on your first run in 5 months! Love the Maggie pic :)

  6. Send some good weather our way please! :) Maggie looks pooped! I am sure she loved the run.

  7. Leftover pasta is the BOMB! I had that for dinner as well :) Yay for running!!! I am excited to run again one day! My puppy and her little pug legs will never be able to run with me though :)

  8. i feel like maggie! she is such a sweetie. glad you got a run in :)

  9. Great job on the run! I’m so impressed Maggie can keep up with you guys, too. I also went today for the first time in a while… OOF.

  10. Congrats on the run! I’m working on building up my running stamina, but I’ve been out of it a week and feel like its been 5 months. I’m dreading the treadmill tonight because I know it’s going to be hard!

    You should talk to your vet about running Maggie, though. I wanted to run my friend’s dog (back when I was in a little better shape last summer) but her vet warned them not to run them full out when they are under a year old because it could affect their growth patterns. That could have been just for her breed, though (pit bull mix).

  11. Yay for running! I love running with Andy. It’s starting to be fun.

    But I hear you on better running fuel. I need to work on that too.

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