Does anyone else feel like the weekends are going by even faster lately? I can’t believe it’s Monday morning again. Yesterday was so gloomy and nasty, but the day seemed to fly by. I worked on laundry, Nick and Maggie napped, and we ate a lot of leftovers.

I was not ready to get out of bed this morning and really not ready to sit down to my computer to start work.

But Maggie was a little cuddly this morning, so that made it a bit easier to wake up and get ready for a fun breakfast.


I finally caved and bought White Chocolate Wonderful pb! I’ve had a Kroger coupon for $1 off PB&Co peanut butter for months and decided to use it this weekend before it expired.


I’m glad I finally tried it!


I wanted to make sure I really tasted the peanut butter, so the rest of my oatmeal was pretty plain.

  • 1/2 cup oats, 1 cup water, pinch salt
  • 1/2 banana, sliced
  • cinnamon


This jar may go faster than I think ;)

I knew I needed a satisfying (and fun) bowl of oatmeal this morning – I’m hoping it’ll keep me out of this bag today.


These things are so addicting!


They’re definitely my favorite Easter candy, and it’s really hard to stop eating them once I’ve started.

I can pass on the cream eggs and Peeps, but put a bag these in front of me? That’s trouble.


What’s your candy kryptonite – the one you just can’t stop eating once you start?

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  1. I had a similar breakfast this morning. I love the White Chocolate Wonderful, it’s my favorite by far!! As for favorite Easter candy, I really like jelly beans.

  2. White chocolate wonderful is my absolute favorite! Love it.

  3. My candy kryptonite is totally Swedish Fish — there is something about them that makes me eat and eat and eat! I have never tried the Cadbury Mini Eggs — I do love the cream eggs. They are such a nice treat at Easter time. And I agree, where are the weekends going?! Time just seems to fly by!

  4. I love the mini eggs, too. Have you ever had the dark ones? I like those even better!

  5. My favorite Easter candy is the Cadburry Creme Egg! But once I start eating jelly beans, I can’t stop! Especially the Starburst ones.

  6. I totally feel you on the weekends. I feel like weekdays drag and weekends fly by!

    I am def a fan of those eggs; my kryptonite too! Others include m&m’s, cereal and pretzels!

  7. Those mini eggs are soooo good! I definitely can’t stop eating them when I get started :-)

  8. Jelly beans!
    And that PB is so good, try it with some cream cheese and it’s just like cookie dough

  9. brandi girl…just catching up on all your loveliness!

    (1) maggie is cute as ever.

    (2) marinara on sweet potato – i may just have that for dinner tonight!

    (3) those thin mint cookies!!!!!! drool. they look so amazing, and i just happen to have all the ingredients on hand. dangerous.

    (4) candy kryptonite…PEANUT M&MS. game over.

    have a lovely week dear!!!

  10. My candy kryptonite is cadbury creme eggs. I just I won’t buy them because they are so sugar filled and make me sick but taste so good.

  11. Anytime someone mentions Easter, I think of two things:
    1) The resurrection of Christ.
    2) Cadbury Mini Eggs. I bought a bag last week and had to bring them to work so I wouldn’t eat the whole bag by myself. I buy the mini bags when I can find them. I have a method for eating them…first suck the color off. Then crack the shell and try to crack it into only two pieces leaving the chocolate egg a whole. Then let the chocolate egg slowly melt in your mouth. It taste especially great if you take a sip of coffee as you melt the chocolate. mmmm

  12. Cadbury Mini Eggs….yum!!!! They have got to be the best candy ever ; ) Lucky for me they make those little tiny bags – if I get a big bag it is serious trouble!

  13. OMG… the mini eggs are seriously trouble in my house. I could eat bags of them. It’s a good thing they only have them around Easter. I usually just buy one bag so that I can limit myself!

  14. omg my two vices in one blog post! I love cadbury mini eggs and white chocolate wonderful! I am powerless around them. WCW is so good on banana pancakes instead of maple syrup. Try it!

  15. That PB is amazing!!! You HAVE to try their other flavors! Haven’t met one that I didn’t like yet ;)

    Those mini eggs are like crack to me. AH! So glad i’m not the only one. I have yet to have any this year though.

  16. I always find it weird that the US Cadbury’s packaging is different from the UK, but I’m sure they still taste the same!

    I’ve not tried White Chocolate Wonderful yet, but I hope I will soon…

  17. The White Choc. Wonderful is one of my favorites! I just had to restock but this one never lasts long in my pantry.

    Cadbury Eggs are sooo addictive. When I was little, I use to eat these and the Cadbury Creme Eggs every single easter until I made myself sick. :)

    Hope you are having a wonderful day girl!

  18. White chocolate PB? Seriously? I’ve seen the dark chocolate and cinnamon raisin and mighty maple, but not this…I really need to move to a city where they stock the goodies!

  19. i just discovered those mini eggs this year! they really have the greatest texture.

  20. I’m the SAME AS YOU! Those little eggs are like crack!

    I prefer the dark chocolate ones though, and the good news is that they only come in the little (single size) bags. NONE are coming into my house this year, since I’m on a roll and don’t want to get derailed. My kids and hubby will just be getting stuff I find a bit less tempting! :P

  21. Those Cadbury mini eggs are evil! I haven’t bought any yet, but when they go on sale I might.

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  23. I bought a bag of those mini eggs, and I am trying so hard not to open them because I know I will eat the whole bag if I do!

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