Breakfast and Brunch

Thursday is flying by for me! Work is just so busy that I don’t even realize how late it is until I look at the clock.

For my meals today, I’ve basically had breakfast + brunch. Just the way I like it.


I made a big bowl of apple oatmeal for breakfast today. Nick and I went through 2 pounds of strawberries in just 2 days, so apples are the only fruit in the house that will work in oatmeal.


I diced up a small (local!) apple and cooked it in the microwave with cinnamon for about a minute.

Then I added the apple to my oatmeal with more cinnamon and topped it with some almond butter.


This almond butter with flaxseeds from Trader Joe’s is so good! I love how crunchy it is.

And lunch today is leftovers!


We had one piece of the frittata leftover, so I heated that up with some broccoli for a quick lunch. I love the pockets of goat cheese! I think I’ll use even more the next time I make this.


Now Maggie and I are watching some HGTV while I’m eating :)


I think I could eat breakfast-type meals all day, every day. I just love ‘em! Maybe I’ll change my dinner plans tonight to include more breakfast food…I guess we’ll see ;)


Do you like having breakfast-for-dinner? What are your favorite things to make?


  1. I feel the same way! But I’m not an egg fan :-( Oatmeal and cereal though, I could eat for every meal ;-)

  2. I love making oatmeal and omelettes for dinner. I also make pancakes or waffles at least once a month.

    And I made these things once with chicken sausages, crescent roll dough and an apple, onion, raisin compote that I really want to make again soon.

  3. I love having breakfast for dinner! I think I could eat oatmeal, green smoothies, egg whites with veggies, cereal with milk/yogurt and fruit for every meal of the day and be a most happy camper. The frittata looks delicious! Enjoy your brunch-y day!

  4. YES breakfast for dinner is the best and so comforting! I love eggs for dinner and cereal!

    yoru apple oats look SO good!

  5. I love breakfast foods for all of my meals :D
    Cereal with warm milk is great before bed, and I consider eggs actually to be a better dinner food than breakfast :)

  6. I looove breakfast foods, I could eat them all day. We do for dinner frequently in my house. I prefer to eat pancakes or waffles later in the day…maybe that’s just because I don’t have enough time to make them in the morning though.

  7. For dinner and lunch, I need something savory

  8. I love having breakfast for dinner!!! Yum!

  9. Breakfast is good any time of the day! I will have to add goat cheese next time to my frittata. The creaminess will be amazing next to the eggs. And I’m so glad that you like the new almond butter with flaxseed rom TJ’s. I’ve been eyeing that for quite some time now and after reading your review and seeing your pictures, I just might have to bite the bullet. I honestly go through nut butters like water!

  10. i am like you with breakfast foods. luckily, marshall is too. that bowl of oats is calling my name! also, thanks for the meatball recipe. i starred it :)

  11. my mom used to make breafast for dinner every monday night! I think she was trying to redeem an otherwise awful day.. it worked :)

  12. My daughter and I LOVE breakfast for dinner, so when my husband travels for business, that’s our go to meal together! :D

  13. i want to make pancakes for dinner. it’d be like dinner and dessert in one.

  14. I could be happy eating breakfast for dinner every night… I love eggs, bacon, pancakes, everything! But especially eggs. Tonight I’m planning on having a big bowl of oatmeal with cinnamon because I don’t feel like cooking :)

  15. I think I have mastered the BFD (breakfast for dinner) concept. We have been doing this as a weekly thing in our house for years!!!! Breakfast foods anytime of the day are incredible!!! :)

    Glad you had a nice day hun.

  16. How do you still have local apples at this time of year?

    • I don’t know, but I do! :) There’s a few vendors at the market that are selling the last of their crops.

  17. almond butter with flax?! Looks delicious! I love apple oats such a good combination!

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