Recovery Monday

I’m telling you…after that meal Saturday night, it’s been tough eating the normal food coming out of my kitchen :) Nothing compares to a meal like that!

But it turned out to be a good day.

Nick was traveling today for a meeting/interview, so he was home for breakfast!

I made myself some oatmeal / egg white pancakes.


I used Kath’s Oatmeal Pancake recipe and topped them with some dark chocolate peanut butter and strawberries.


And I was finally able to have some coffee this morning! Nick made a pot for us to share and my stomach did fine with it. I was still feeling a little off this weekend, but it seems that the stomach flu is out of here for good.

I worked this morning while Nick got ready and he got on the road right before lunch. He did have lunch before he left, though! We both had some leftovers from the other night.


I made a chili-mac type dish with chicken sausage, whole wheat shells, beans, tomatoes, and corn.


I like chili with pasta. I like chili regardless, but I really love pasta in chili.

Work was nuts today. That’s all ;) It was crazy – tons of emails, letters, problems…but 5 pm finally came!

Nick and I were supposed to go to the chiropractor today, but he ended up getting back a little late so we had to move it.

But no appointment gave me time to bake cookies ;)


And make a great dinner.


I had a slice of this frittata type dish with some broccoli. After having all these veggies today, I feel like I’m getting back to normal after this crazy stomach flu.

The Hokie game is almost over! Gotta jet!



  1. Eating a ton of veggies today made me feel a lot better too. Glad you feel like you stomach is getting back to normal.

  2. Glad you are feeling back to normal! Those pancakes look amazing.

  3. Glad you feel good! I can’t wait to see these cookies; finding time for baked goods is the best!

  4. Glad you’re feeling better!!!

  5. Glad you’re feeling back to normal! Stomach bugs are no fun.

    And Kath’s oatmeal pancake recipe is the best! :)

  6. Ok…I am just getting over that stomach virus that you’ve had and boy is it rough. It’s been a long time since I’ve been this sick. It’s strange because I start feeling like I can stomach something and once I take a few bites, the cramping starts up again. This is day 4.

    That being said, the pancake minus peanut butter and strawberries sounds amazing. I seem to want only simple carby meals when I’m recovering. lol

  7. so glad you had such a wonderful weekend eating experience – and looks like your eats today were pretty amazing as well!

  8. So glad to hear that you are feeling better!! Gosh I loooove chili! but i’ve never had it with noodles… maybe i’m missing out?!

  9. glad youre feeling better! i need to make kath’s pancakes. see them everyyywhere! the chilimac looks so yumm :)

  10. Those pancakes look so good! I saw some of that chocolate PB when I went to WF’s for the first time last week but I never bought any.. now I’m wishing I did. The thing is, I’d probably eat it too quickly. :p

  11. So, I read your last post. A-freaking-mazing. You’re so blessed to have scored a spot at the last minute! I was most intrigued by the “salad”…haha Bush notoriously hates his broccoli!

  12. Coming off the food comas are always rough, but glad you have been adjusting with such tasty eats! :)

    That frittata recipe looks awesome. Would you consider posting the recipe?

    Have a great day hun!

  13. Glad you’re feeling better! Those pancakes look great!

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