Spring Means…

…lunch dates with your husband (and forgetting your camera!). We ate at a local Italian place. It was pretty good, but did not fill me up! My appetite is being so strange after this stomach flu.

…family trips to the park after work.



Maggie had a ball at the park today. We usually play with her inside one of the ball fields, so we can close the gates and let her off her lead for a while.




She also found some pinecones to eat. Our dog is so weird!




…driving with the windows open.

…wearing my chacos again.


…grilling out for dinner.


We thawed some pork chops while we were at the park, so Nick got to grilling and I roasted the veggies.


Nick’s still the grill master! I don’t know what he put on this pork, but it was delicious! Smoky, sweet, perfect.

I roasted a few potatoes (in olive oil, salt, garlic powder, and smoked paprika) at 425 for 30 minutes and threw the asparagus in for the last 10 minutes.

It was a great and easy dinner and one I can’t wait to make again! I’m so happy grilling season is coming back. Clean up is so much easier, and Nick gets to cook a lot more ;)


I’m off to cuddle!


What does Spring mean for you?

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  1. she is getting so BIG! spring=slushy snowboarding, birds chirping, dog walks :)

  2. Spring means long, enjoyable walks anywhere and everywhere–I love ’em!

  3. perfect weather for grilling lately! yum

  4. Spring for me is my great leather flip flops, skirts and no panty hose, long walks with the dogs and driving with the windows down.

  5. Spring means being outside as much as possible, playing with the toddler. LOVE the photos of Maggie! :)

    Happy Weekend! :)

  6. such a cute dog!!! I’m all about the grill and ICE CREAM!! I love when the local places start opening up!

  7. Dinner looked great, have no grill here, Maggie is getting big, hope all is well, love you all


  8. Your grilled dinner is a sure sign of spring!

  9. chacos!!! i got the one with the toe loop but hate it, so i never wear it. hehe!

  10. OMG, my hubby and I are soooo excited to grill tonight! We have been waiting for this moment all year! There is just something so amazing about cooking out on a warm weekend night. It’s the best!

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend hun!

  11. Spring for me is pure happiness! It’s my favorite time of year- I’m always sad it doesn’t last long. To me it’s eating outside & runs in the park, and flowers blooming!

  12. That picture of Maggie with the pine cone is great!

  13. aw I’m glad y’all are taking advantage of this beautiful weather. Maggie is too cute to handle!

  14. Those are cute shoes!

    I am l.o.v.i.n.g springtime in Blacksburg. Everythings beautiful :D

  15. I love how damn cute your dog is! :D Sounds like the perfect day to me! :D

  16. Spring means more time outdoors and just being more relaxed in general :)

    Maggie is getting more and more beautiful everyday!

  17. California doesn’t really have seasons. (At least the area we live in doesn’t!) But the weather in Spring is nice and not too hot. I love going on walks outside with Andy!

  18. I’m a little behind but… our puppy LOVES pinecones!!!

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