Friday Feast

Things are still a little topsy turvy over here, but I’m feeling better this morning.

After dinner last night, I wasn’t sure – I started feeling really sick again, but I ate a few saltines and woke up this morning feeling pretty good.

Good enough to finally make a real breakfast this week!


Thinking about bananas still makes me feel ill so I’m glad I had an apple in the fridge, waiting for me.

  • 1/2 cup oats, 1 cup water, pinch salt
  • cinnamon
  • 1 diced (local!) apple
  • 1.5 Tbsp TJ’s almond butter


I love apples in oatmeal! So much better than those apple-flavored packets. Maybe those gummy packets are why I never liked oatmeal until I was in college…

Off to work – Happy Friday!



What did you hate growing up that you love now?

Mine were:


carrots (eh…still won’t eat baby carrots raw)

applesauce (it’s a texture thing)


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  1. Spinach for sure. I hated it as a kid but I eat it almost everyday now!

  2. I hate spaghetti! I am still not a big fan of pasta, but I really love whole wheat pasta dishes. :)

  3. Glad you’re feeling better! I used to hate Brussels sprouts…now I absolutely ADORE them!

  4. I never liked much veggies, but now they’re my staple!

  5. Eggs! I absolutely hated the taste but now love it and have one every morning. Oh, and coconut used to make me gag but now can’t live without it.

  6. Breakfast looks wonderful. Glad you’re feeling better.

  7. hooray for feeling better! There’s not much i didn’t like as a kid…

  8. Cauliflower and walnuts. They were my arch archnemeses. Now I love both.

  9. I hated Brussels sprouts – I know can you believe it?! Now I adore them…!

  10. I used to HATE oatmeal growing up and now I eat it like everyday. My mom used to give me those instant packets too and I think that’s probably why I hated it so much. (Plus, I obviously didn’t know how much you could jazz up oatmeal with fruits, nuts, and nut butters)

  11. I hated veggies – pretty much all of them, but now I love them!

  12. i used to HATE mac n’ cheese! i know, what kind of kid was i, right?

    glad you are feeling better girl – hope you get some fresh air, relaxation and enjoy the weekend! LOVE YA!

  13. Sorry you’ve been feeling bleugh :(

    Hey, at least it’s Friday!! Isn’t it weird how grossed out certain foods can make you like that? Growing up, I HATED tomatoes, sweetcorn and lamb. Oh how times change…

  14. Good to hear your finally feeling better and on the uphill! :-) I used to hate cheese, but slowly my tastes are acquiring it when I use it so much in different recipes.

  15. Glad you’re starting to feel better! When I was a kid I hated pretty much all of the veggies that I love now – peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes.

  16. I hated broccoli and spinach and now I eat it almost daily.

  17. I used to hate meat and pizza! Weird right? Now I love a good burger every once in a while :-)

  18. I did NOT like coconut or citrus-y desserts. Now I love them both!

  19. Bananas, nuts, and peanut butter, but now I love them all:)

  20. mushrooms, tomatoes, squash, ok.. most veggies ;)

    have a great weekend!!!!

  21. Glad you’re feeling better! Breakfast looks yummy!

  22. Aah, your dog is absolutely adorable!
    9 weight loss

  23. There are a few things I wouldn’t have touched a few years ago, like a smoothie with spinach in it, but I have a lot more things I loved growing up that I DETEST now. The instant brown sugar oatmeal packets, boxed mac ‘n cheese, boxed cakes, and broccoli with Velveeta sauce *shudder.*

  24. I hated tomatoes because my sister did. She still does, and I can’t get enough of them!

  25. While I absolutely loved vegetables and most other foods as a child, I did not like fruit. It grossed me out… I think part of it was because I always saw people peel oranged with their hands and it looked all messy. And I already had OCD back then… it just seemed unsanitary to eat with your hands and eat something raw etc. It took me a while to get over that. I am so glad I love all fruit now. :)

  26. Your dog is absolutely beautiful!

    Things I use to hate but like/love now are bananas, oatmeal, onions, mushrooms, peas.. and other stuff that’s slipping my mind. Oh! And oranges. I use to hate oranges but I lurve them now. :)

  27. tomatoes ! But I could live on them now. Topping thick slices of tomato with hummus or a nice cheese… or roasting them… man I can’t wait for mine to start coming in.

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