Bland, but Good

Thank goodness it’s Thursday, right?

We’re supposed to have some amazing weather this weekend, plus we have a fun event Saturday night, too :) I’m ready to be over this stomach flu already!

I am feeling better than I have the past few days. If nothing else, I’m actually hungry! I was so ready for lunch and wanted more than saltines.


I wanted something filling, but kind of bland so it would sit well in my stomach.

I actually really wanted some banana oatmeal, but one of the last things I ate on Monday (before I got sick) was a banana…and I just can’t bring myself to eat one yet.


It’s been a while since I’ve had eggs in a hole! I made 2 with this new Earthgrains Wheatberry Bread I bought this week. I’m telling you – cooking eggs in olive oil is the best. It has such great flavor.

For this, I just sprayed my pan with my Misto that’s filled with olive oil.


I also had a clementine on the side.

I feel weird not having veggies with my lunch since that’s a normal thing for me, but I had spinach in my smoothie this morning so it’ll all balance out ;)



I did some much needed blog updates the other day:

  • Recipes! I cleaned the page up, plus added new recipes and a section to keep all my sourdough information organized
  • Living Local: Right now, you can follow one link to find farmer’s markets/CSAs near you, plus I have links to local places we love around here.
  • Shop!: I put in a direct link to my OpenSky shop for you. Easy to get to now, and I have some fun items in there…plus more fun ones on the way. I’m really excited to get some of my favorite items in there (ones that I love and use all the time).


What’s your favorite local place to eat or shop (i.e., non-chain place near you)?

My favorite local restaurant (lately) is The Palisades, hands down. They have awesome live music on Sundays and a wood-fired oven for their pizza!



  1. My favorite local place to eat is call Bass Water Grill. They make a great chipotle lime dressing for a salad with jicama.

  2. TGIT indeed! eggs in a basket, sometimes nothing can beat it. thanks for cluing us in on your updates. have a great day! xo

  3. Local places are the best. I have made a personal vow to avoid chain establishments as much as possible.

    We have a great coffee/wine shop called Shoes Cup and Cork. When the local shoe repair guy closed his doors after many many years someone decided to honor the tradition. There are hanging shoes in the chandelier and all the verbiage on the menu is a play on words.

    Every Saturday we have breakfast at Bonnie’s Country Kitchen. We have been going there for years. Love the french toast.

    There are so many great local places around here…too hard to name them all!

  4. Hi Brandi – I’m glad to hear you’re feeling better! And the eggs in a hole made me smile!

    One of my favorite local places to shop is Brookline Booksmith. – – They’re a great little independent bookstore that has outlasted other chains in the area, and they have a used book store downstairs. I could spend HOURS in there looking at books and checking things out in their cards & gifts room.

  5. Hi there! Glad to hear you’re feeling a bit better! Hope your recovery is speedy and complete soon!

  6. I’m so glad you are feeling better!

    I had a inspired by me, inspired by you breakfast this morning. Oat bran and eggs with that yummy chili salt I gave you that time. Yum!

  7. aw it makes me smile to hear your feeling better. Now go enjoy some of this gorgeous weather!!!

  8. Egg in a hole is the best sick food ever. Well actually it’s one of the best foods! But there’s something special about having it when your tummy needs TLC.
    My favorite restaurant depends on what ethnicity I’m craving!

  9. At home, it’s Tomasso’s italian trattoria, but now in RI it’s garden grille which is all vegetarian but sooo delicious!

  10. I’m glad your appetite is slowly coming back. There’s just something about eggs that always makes me feel more powerful (perhaps it’s all that protein?). I’ve never tried cooking eggs in olive oil. I’m def going to have to give it a try after your endorsement. I hope you feel 100% soon!

  11. mm eggs in a window! love that simple rmeal :) I love the local places in boston, they are always the hidden gems

    I am a huge fan of this diner near me OMG its so good, fresh and suprisingly healthy!

  12. Glad you are feeling better hun! Take care of yourself and take it easy for the next day or so. You definitely don’t want to relapse over the weekend! ;)

    Love you hun!

  13. Hi Brandi,

    Once you have that ice cream machine, I’d be happy to walk you through a Lavender Ice Cream recipe!
    Thanks again for the great pics!

    Pastry Chef, Palisades

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