This Is Who I Am Now.



Dear Customer,

As someone who has purchased canning and preserving books from, you might be interested in Canning and Preserving for Dummies, a comprehensive guide to home preserving. In addition, browse the Dummies Store for more great savings and a $5 mail-in rebate when you purchase a Dummies guide in March 2010.


This is the latest email I received from Amazon.

Is it sad that all my recent Amazon activities include:

  • buying local flavor cookbooks
  • buying sourdough cookbooks
  • researching canning

I think it’s funny, but I guess they think I need this Canning for Dummies? :) At least it’s only $10!


*Still sick here. I had an egg and some more saltines for breakfast, but can’t even stomach the thought of having the soup I brought for lunch. So…it’s more saltines, the last of my gatorade, and some water. I talked to Nick’s dad and, while he’s feeling a bit better now, he’s still not eating much either.

I hate this feeling! I’m SO hungry, but nothing sounds good and eating anything but saltines just makes me feel even worse. :\

Hoping I feel good enough to have some real dinner tonight.


What’s your latest obsession?

Mine are definitely:

  • Spring foods
  • My farmer’s market
  • Dresses
  • Anything with sourdough


  1. Sorry you aren’t feeling better, lady.

  2. My latest obsession is vegetarian/vegan cooking and sugar free dishes.

    Hope you feel better. I just ate some pasta and still have that hungry yet sick feeling.

  3. OMG Amazon knows me too well too! Today I got a bunch of deals on shredded coconut–how perfect for me!

  4. ahahah that is hilarious. latest obsession? weddddding crap ;)

  5. That’s hilarious. I sort of want that book though ;-)

  6. my latest obsession in harry potter books in french and spanish. i can’t get enough!

  7. haha, while hillarious, i would kinda like to read it ;) i bet ice cream would feel good right about now!

  8. Could you do a canning post at some point? I’m totally fascinated by it but also very overwhelmed (I guess I need the For Dummies book!). Sorry you are still feeling sick!

  9. That is a riot! Well, it never hurts to ask or to make suggestions, right? I hope you start feeling like yourself soon. I hate not having an appetite. I love food!

    I am currently obsessed with baking with tofu. Not sure why? My recipes end up being vegan, even though I am not. I guess I just find it interesting?

  10. latest obsession: bikinis, pears, cheese and almond butter!

  11. I’m sorry you’re sick! I had it a few weeks ago and it was no fun!! I hope you feel better!!!

  12. i’m obsessed with these cookies i just blogged about:

    seriously. SO GOOD!

    feel better soon.

  13. Hi there! This is my first time here! I like it! :)

    I hope you feel better soon! I hate it when you can’t eat. :(

    I have been obsessed with my blog and coming up with breakfast recipes (reader requests). The problem is only I can’t eat all that food… I am not a big breakfast person.

  14. lol! That is hilarious. I hope it brightened your day, somewhat. Poor girl. Please get better!!

    My obsessions lately = muffins. brussel sprouts. cabbage.

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