Veggies Galore + Weekend Finds

Work is so busy today! I finally broke from my computer to heat up lunch around 12:50. I’m just trying to get everything done today…and that’s a lot of stuff. I wish people would not work on the weekends – that would mean a much easier Monday for me! Easing into the week would be better than starting off with a bang.

We’re also having pretty crummy weather today. The temperature is fine, but it’s really gray and has been raining off and on all morning.


I think Maggie and I will have to hold off on our lunchtime walk for now – it’s just too wet!


I’d say she’s disappointed about the no-walk-at-lunch, but she’s already asleep at my feet again :)

At least lunch was good + easy.


I should have gone for a more colorful meal on this gloomy day, but I needed to eat these veggies, and at least I’m not wasting any food!


I heated up the last of my roasted brussels + mushrooms (about 3 cups of veggies!) to have with a Sunshine Burger Breakfast Patty.


This seemed like a good match, especially since that breakfast patty tastes like Thanksgiving stuffing to me ;) It went great with the brussels + mushrooms.


Weekend Finds

Even though the maple festivals weren’t huge events, Nick and I did find 2 things we’re excited about.


We’ve been looking for a crock like this to keep on our counter for months. Most of the ones we’ve found were either too big or too small.

Since we don’t have a ton of counter space in our kitchen, I didn’t want one that would take up too much room, but this one is just perfect. It also goes well with our green countertops, and I like the all over pattern. And it was only $8! Some of the other crocks we’ve found were 30-40 dollars.

His parents have a few on their counters and use them to put the smellier trash in (veggie peels, banana peels, egg shells, etc). You just line this with a small bag, put that kind of waste in there and then you can just tie up the bag to put in your trashcan. It really helps to keep your trash from smelling, especially with banana peels. I guess it’s similar to keeping a compost bin on your counter – we just don’t compost.

The other fun find?


Maple Sugar!

This was my one purchase at the Maple Festival that I didn’t eat right away ;)

I can’t wait to use it! Oatmeal, cookies, breads, yogurt…not sure what to try first!


What do you have on your countertops?

And have you ever tried maple sugar? How do you use it?


  1. This is sad but I literally cannot remember when I last had brussels
    And maple sugar! I’ve always wanted that. I have syrup and butter in my fridge but no sugar. I can’t wait to see how it works out!

  2. Maggie needs to be a puppy model — she is too cute! I have never seen maple sugar, I bet it would be really good in homemade pancakes and muffins.

  3. wow, maple sugar sounds amazing! love the finds!!

  4. I just keep the essentials on the countertops. We don’t have a lot of room so I like to have as much space as possible!

  5. Maple sugar is sooo good! I think it would be awesome in oatmeal :-)

  6. ooh, i have tried it, made some awesome apple muffins :)

  7. I have entirely too much on our counters but no place to store it all. We keep our George Foreman grill out since we use it most nights, our toaster, Kitchen aid, blender, dish drainer and junk that just piles up.

    Maple sugar is really good in blondies. Kind of gives them a subtle kick.

  8. i desperately need more counter space!!!

  9. Hello sweet girl!

    Happy Monday to you! It’s rainy and dull here today too. I’m actually dreading going back to work with all that I’ve missed in the past week, but I’m trying to avoid the blackberry and just enjoy the next few days of rest while I can.

    Hope the evening is relaxing for you my dear :)

  10. YUM!!! Maple sugar sounds delish. Definitely excited to see how you put it to use!
    I try to keep my counter tops pretty bare but I got my microwave, coffee pot, and a big wood chopping block on my counter so there’s plenty of room for chopping and cooking!

  11. I could see using maple sugar to rim the glass of a fancy fall cocktail! Or top top sugar cookies.
    I try to keep our counters pretty sparse, but we usually have some overflow from our wine rack, cutting boards and a couple bowls of fruit.

  12. Uhhhh…I have about 8 jars of different nut butters on my counter because I have no space for them in my cabinets. Classy!

  13. Ooh that maple sugar looks cool! I like the crock too! I have way too much stuff on my counter — cooking utensil holders, some spice racks, a slow cooker that needs to be put away, coffee maker, and dirty dishes that haven’t been tackled yet.

  14. Maple sugar…yum!!! I’ve never had it or even heard of it before.

    Brussel sprouts are SO good! I jut had them for the first time yesterday and i’m in love!

  15. I hear you about people who work on the weekends… I always come in to find tons of emails in my inbox, most of which are from Saturday! GRR.

    I tried maple sugar in Quebec… delicious on oatmeal! My mom LOVES maple sugar candy… we made some once for my elemntary school’s State project (I had Indiana).

  16. I love maple sugar–it is soo good for baking. A little bit in place of white sugar and paired with brown sugar–heavenly. I hear carrot cake calling my name now!!

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