Sour Toast

As soon as I get used to having light in the mornings again, it goes away! I miss having that early morning light and hate that we have to wait weeks for it to show up again.

Yesterday turned out to be quite the crazy day.

Nick’s dad woke up late Saturday night/early Sunday morning and was horribly sick. We’re pretty sure it was food poisoning of some kind, so Nick and his mom took him to the hospital around 3:30 yesterday morning. Thankfully, no one else has felt bad. We ate pretty much the same exact things this entire weekend, so we’re not really sure what brought it on.

They got back around 6 am yesterday – he’s fine, but he was not feeling good at all. He slept most of the day yesterday, so we hung around, took him gatorade and saltines, and ate lunch before getting on the road to come back home. I hope he’s feeling much better today!

The one good thing about Maggie being able to play with other dogs all weekend is that it wears her out :) She slept the entire way home and most of the night last night once we were back in the house.

Besides celebrating Bob’s birthday this weekend, we also baked a loaf of sourdough cinnamon bread and Maleasa and I baked a sourdough chocolate cake for him (and made homemade german chocolate icing). I’ll just say I’m never buying the canned frosting again.

We split the cinnamon loaf three ways, so Nick and I sliced into our section this morning.



This loaf was SO sour! I had to put some honey butter on it to balance it out ;)


Along with some eggs and a clementine, it was a good way to start my morning.



Think she’ll help me work today?



Have you ever had food poisoning?

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  1. Never had food poisoning, and hope I never ever do!

  2. Almost exactly a year ago, i went to the ER with TERRIBLE stomach flu! I would’ve thought it was food poisoning, but Adam and I had eaten the same stuff, and he was fine until 3 days later when he got it. Food poisoning is NO fun! I have the stomach of steel, and some stuff just makes me ill. HOpe everyone’s ok now!

  3. Yes, I actually had an allergic reaction (similar to food poisoning) last week after eating squid. It was horrible! I hope Nick’s dad feels better soon!

  4. Aww I hope he’s all recovering well.
    I couldn’t imagine my toast being sour. Maybe that’s why I don’t like sourdough much, lol

  5. Oh food poisoning, I can tell you the exact only time I ever had it so far! It was one of the first times that The Man and I went to dinner & he stayed overnight… oh yes, nothing says “you know you like me & want to date me” like a night spent hovered over the toilet. I was mortified… but also in such severe pain I thought I would die. I really thought that was going to be a deal breaker and we would be dunzo, haha it’s still a fun story we get many laughs over now a year & a half later! :P

  6. Glad to hear he is resting. I had food poisoning once in college and it was aweful!

  7. UGH, so sorry for Nick’s dad! I had a minor case once, but I know it can get REALLY bad. Wishing him a swift recovery!

  8. Food poisoning can be SO bad. Hope he feels better soon!

  9. Ugh! Food poisoning is the worst! I once got it on Easter from the salad bar at Chuck E Cheese. That’s what I get for trying to be healthy. ;(

  10. i think she will help you *not* work. that is what penny tends to do.. distract me ;)

  11. hope daddio is okay – lots of good health vibes to him!

    umm sourdough cake? i need to know more about this.

  12. Yuck that sounds like what I had last week. I think it was a GI bug. Maybe he had that? Glad he’s ok!

  13. I agree. Dark mornings are so unmotivating! It’s so hard to crawl out of bed and get moving.

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