Syruped Out

What a day so far!

Nick and I got to his parent’s house around 8:30 last night, ate some dinner, sat around and then went to sleep. The dogs are all having a blast  (or, really, the other two are tolerating Maggie and her puppy ways), and it’s been fun seeing everybody.

We got up this morning, ate some sourdough biscuits and fruit and coffee and then got on the road.

An hour an a half later, we found what we were looking for.


The maple syrup festival!


It was actually held in a few really small towns in Highland County, VA, so there wasn’t too much going on but we did try:

  • maple donuts (YUM!)
  • maple ice cream (double yum)
  • kettle corn
  • bbq
  • maple bbq chicken
  • maple pecan fudge

 IMG_8082 IMG_8087

Glad we went, but the drive took up most of the trip there and back.

I did buy a new wooden spoon – handmade out of cherry wood, so that’ll be nice to have for my sourdough. Plus, I can finally get rid of the one I chipped in the blender ;)

We’re back at the house with the dogs and will be going to an Italian place to celebrate Nick’s dad’s birthday. I hear they have good pizza – I’m also hoping for some salad after all the sugar this afternoon. I slept most of the way back!


If you’re reading – Hi Dad! :)


  1. Looks like a fun day so far!

    have a great night!

  2. That looks awesome! I would have been all over the ice cream and fudge. My dad keeps reminding me it’s almost maple season in Berlin NH(Where he’s from) so we’re going to get a lot of maple syrup soon

  3. mmmm maple! that festival looks amazing. there’s nothing like real maple syrup :)

  4. I love real maple syrup and things flavored with it :) Sounds like Nick’s parent’s dogs are like my mom’s cat. She just stares at them wanting to play.

  5. this post gives whole new meaning to “mighy maple” .. wowza!!

  6. a whole festival dedicated to maple syrup?!?

  7. I am reading glad you are all having a good time, I am moved in safe and sound, still have a few things to pick up to get completly settled in but going ok so far, i will keep reading, love you all


  8. I looove foodie festivals! I still need to get some 100% real maple syrup–it’s SO expensive around here though! :-(

  9. I love small festivals like that! Hope your FIL has a great birthday! :D You can never go wrong with pizza! :D

  10. Wow, what a great day!!! Maple doughnuts…YUM!!!

  11. I love food festivals. I would have loved to have sampled some maple donuts. YUM!

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