Creamy Coffee Oatbran

Happy Friday!

I’m just going to get right to this breakfast. I even made sure to give Heather a heads up – I think I finally have a breakfast that’ll make her proud ;)


I saved about 1/2 a serving of the cappuccino cashew ice cream just for this breakfast.


Frozen Coffee Oatbran!


For the oatbran, I just made my usual serving:

  • 1/3 cup oatbran, 1 cup water, pinch of sea salt
  • 1 small banana
  • cinnamon

Then added it to my cashew cream pint, moved a little of the ice cream to the top, and added some dark chocolate chips.


It tastes like a big frozen coffee drink, which goes really well with my hot coffee ;)

Honestly, my top coffee ice creams were always:

  • The coffee ice cream we had in Honduras
  • Java Chip in the Starbucks line

But this cashew cream is now my #1. It’s SO good and creamy, and the coffee flavor is so rich! This won’t be the last time you see this.

This may be my new favorite breakfast! Too bad I can’t have almost empty cashew ice cream containers all the time…that would be a bad habit, right?

What’s your favorite flavor of ice cream?

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  1. I don’t really like ice cream too much, but I once added some coconut ice cream to my oats and it was INCREDIBLE!! It does get super creamy.

  2. my fave is cake batter ice cream from coldstone!

  3. Very proud. :)

    Favorite flavor? Too many to choose from. Love coffee, but also love anything chocolate mint or with big cookie chunks.

    Have a wonderful friday Brandi!

  4. Are you kidding me? That breakfast sounds incredible! I think in the summer this will be the new OIAJ ;)

    I can’t pick one favorite because, just like everything I eat, my favorites come in phases. Happy Friday!!

  5. I’m definitely an oreo fan :-)

    And that looks like the best breakfast ever!

  6. what a great way to start off a friday girl! my fave ice cream of the moment is coconut milk chocolate by so delicious. its seriously love at first bite ;)

  7. My favorite ice cream is coffee!!! Yummm!

  8. I could go to town on a pint of coffee ice cream — it’s perfection!

  9. I’ve seen that ice cream at Annie Kays! It sounds sooooo rich. Given the good review, I might have to try it!

  10. yayyyyyyyyy cashew cream ice cream…i NEED to try that!

  11. I don’t consider icecream to be insulin worthy – but back in the days before being diabetic – Breyers vanilla bean!

  12. oh. my. gosh. SO GOOD!

  13. I love blue mountain ice cream!!

  14. OMG I’m so jealous of this breakfast…it sounds delicious!

  15. I love a good coffee flavor or something with peanut butter.

  16. Now that’s something worth getting up for in the morning!

  17. i think mint chocolate chip will always be my favorite, but lately i’ve been leaning towards coconut.

  18. oh my gahhh best breakfast EVER! dare i say, that may be better than OIAJ? shh!
    LOVE coffee and cake batter ice cream!

  19. OMG! Now, that’s the way to start off the day! What a great idea :)

    My favorite flavor would have to be chocolate chip cookie dough, cookies and cream or butter pecan…but I would really eat any kind of ice cream…

  20. OH. WOW. What a breakfast girl!!!!!
    My favorite ice cream is cookies and cream, yum!

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