Syphon Strikes Again


Nick made us some Kona this morning in the coffee syphon!


This contraption makes the best coffee. It’s also just fun to watch :)

I had a few ideas for fun breakfasts this morning, but before I could get started, Nick was working on the bacon + eggs so I jumped on board! The fun breakfast will have to wait.



I think Nick has surpassed me in egg cooking. I just can’t get the heat right with our new pan and it totally messes up my strategy.


I’m running behind! Better get ready for a full day with this at home with me:




Have you ever been to any food festivals? Which ones?

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  1. Mr. How Sweet surpasses me in egg cooking too – he is the master. Never been to a food festival. I think I’d eat myself silly.

  2. I’ve never been to a food festival :-( I would love to go to peanutfest though!
    Have a great day!

  3. I love food festivals! I’ve been to two since moving here to the DC area: Chocolate Lover’s festival and taste of Reston. Both were a ton of fun and let us try all kinds of different foods from local restaurants. I think they are a great way to discover good restaurants in your area. We always go with a game plan to make sure we don’t stuff our selves. First, we split everything between the two of us so we can try lots of things and not get too stuffed. Second, we eat a light meal before we go. Third, I always listen to my stomach and stop when I need to. Just because you are eating healthy doesn’t mean you should miss out on fun foodie events!

  4. I love that coffee siphon AND those eggs do looks spectacular. I have a hard time getting them “just right” too ;)

    I’ve never been to a food festival!

  5. I love going to food festivals! I really like going to the greek festival in Richmond, so fun!

  6. Wait, what is that contraption?? Does it make coffee similar to a french press? I must know :)

    • I’ts a coffee syphon – we ordered it from Amazon and it’s the COOLEST thing.

      It boils water in the bottom, then the water travels to the top with the grounds and “brews” and then the coffee comes back down to serve!

  7. That does look like a fun way to make coffee :-)

  8. i could definitely spend the whole day starting at that thing! soooo cool. too bad i don’t drink coffee enough to justify buying it!

  9. your coffee makes my folgers ground java look like chopped liver!

  10. I used to always go to the Geaugua County Maple Festival as a kid –
    Oh, the pancake breakfasts with the real maple syrup and maple sausage!!! And the maple stirs!!!!!!! Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    :) fond, fond memories!

  11. I’ve only been to Octoberfests and local art festivals that had a lot of food. But I’d love to go to a big one some day!

  12. Aww, no fun breakfast? I was so excited to see what it was. Oh well, your eats still looked pretty fun to me and precious pup. :)

    Enjoy your trip this weekend Brandi!

    • It’s happening tomorrow, heather! :) Nick made breakfast, so I took his home cooking today instead :) But it’s on for Friday morning.

  13. love it every time you show that cool coffee maker! i want to get one so bad! cant wait to hear what the fun bfast is. this one looks good though :) LOVE food festivals! because i meet people like YOU!

  14. I suck at making eggs. I just can’t seem to do anything but scrambled.

    As for food festivals, Andy and I had our first “date” at a Strawberry Festival!

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