Farm to Table

I really hope some of you guys try the cinnamon raisin bread recipe! We loved it and totally devoured it in 3 days ;)

Lunch today was leftovers! Kind of boring, but we needed to eat it.


At least the tuna casserole was still tasty!

I ended up having a totally unplanned (but awesome) afternoon snack today. It was one of my coworker’s birthdays, so we went and picked up treats from Our Daily Bread for the office.

I had a few cookies this afternoon ;) Lemon-lime vegan + double chocolate. Yum! At least they were local, right? Not the most filling snack, but I enjoyed every bite.

Those cookies made my afternoon, and the feeling carried over into dinner.


We got the best gift from our friends this weekend :) Ross and Jen gave Nick some local beef as a thank you for getting their car unstuck on the mountain this weekend.  Do they know us or what?


We ended up with 2 steaks and some ground beef from a Taylor Hollow, a local farm.


Wow, wow, wow. First – the steak was delicious. Plus, nothing beats that straight-off-the-grill taste.

Even though it started raining when we got home, we had enough of a break in the weather for Nick to grill the steaks while I roasted the vegetables.


For a quick side dish, I roasted up almost all the veggies we had in the fridge. Plus, I also prepped some veggies for lunch tomorrow.

Asparagus, cremini mushrooms, and red onion make a good combination.

If you’ve never tried roasting mushrooms, do it! It’s our favorite way to have them now.

Local food and lots of veggies = I’m doing pretty good on my March goals ;)


Nick and I are going to Skype with my family tonight. My dad’s leaving tomorrow for a really long work trip, so it’s our last time to “see” him before he jets off.




  1. Oh yes, if the sweets are local, organic, or with any other label, I dive right in ;-)

  2. agreed. roasting mushrooms > any of method of prepping them!

  3. I love mushrooms and have been using them in all my dishes this week. Today I had them in an omelette.

  4. I have never roasted them, I don’t think. I need to try that.

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