How Do You Like Your Eggs?

Waking up this morning with this breakfast in mind made me happy :)


It was probably too much to try to do before leaving for work, but I was determined to have a big, full, balanced breakfast! Plus, I just needed another reason to eat this new loaf of bread ;)


After drying my hair, I got started on the meal – slicing and toasting the bread, slicing the orange, and getting the skillets hot.

Once Nick was out of the shower, he cooked the bacon while I manned the eggs.


There’s nothing quite like a big meal to start the day.


The only thing missing this morning is coffee! I’ll just be having tea at work – still good, just not the same as Kona.


How you do like your eggs? Or do you?

I’ll eat them just about anyway, but I love a good over easy egg. When I was younger, the only way I would eat them was scrambled.


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  1. I am EXACTLY the same as you! I grew up only eating them scrambled…I had no idea what I was missing. Now I love over-easy. :)

  2. I like them over easy, too, so I can dip the toast in them. :)

  3. I’m like you, I love them any way but my favorite is over easy. When I was a kid, I used to love them scrambled on white bread and mayo. I’ve come a long way :D

  4. when i was little i used to eat them scrambled because that’s how my dad ate them. now i can’t stomach the smell so i don’t eat them anymore! so weird how i went from liking to hating them

  5. Over easy but only when they are served with toast so I can soak up the runny stuff! I used to only eat scrambled too but that changed once I had a real English Breakfast.

  6. I like my eggs scrambled. As a kid I used to add tons of ketchup or ranch style beans. Now I can take them as is with lots of veggies or in my oatmeal.

  7. This breakfast looks picture perfect! And I couldn’t agree more – a good breakfast means a good day :) That bread looks amazing.
    I’m so fussy about my eggs – I like them fried so that the whites are golden brown or darker, and crispy at the edges. And if there is ANY runny yolk, I won’t touch it with a ten foot…well, fork. haha. I even like them really well done when it’s a scramble or omelet :P Proves challenging for restaurants, I’ve found!
    Have a great day :)

  8. I love eggs, they are the main reason I don’t think I could ever be a long-term vegan. My favorite is sunny side up.

  9. I like them over-easy, too, but have yet to perfect making them that way.

  10. I love eggs. I eat them almost once a day for protein since I can’t eat a bunch of meat.

  11. I don’t reallllly like eggs..I eat them sometimes though. I’d say some form of eggs benedict is my fave :)

  12. I used to ONLY eat them scrambled, but now I like all kinds. Especially over easy!!

  13. Oh my gosh – what a fabulous, weekend worthy breakfast – on a Tuesday! Special – love it. :)

  14. Love the variety in that meal. I like my eggs over easy!

  15. Not an egg fan! I wish I was though, they are so healthy :-)

  16. I’m like you…I like any kind of egg, but over easy is my favorite!

  17. I LOVE tag teamed breakfasts!!!!

  18. My husband makes the best omelets – I’ve watched him make them again and again, and try as I might – they are never as fluffy! :(

  19. I am such an egg failure. No matter what I try to make they always end of “scrambled” anyhow so I suppose that’s my favorite. I need nick to train meee.

  20. Looks delish! I like them scrambled, baked or over-hard. I can handle them over easy, but it kind of freaks me out.

  21. yummy breakfast! We used to live in Kona and my father in law owned a coffee farm. Talk about fresh kona coffee! HEAVEN on EARTH!

  22. Scrambled, with veggies. I used to like them sunny-side up, but my homemade bread doesn’t hold the milk as well as my childhood white.

  23. hi brandi! i like my eggs any way they come.. hard boiled, over easy, poached, scrambled, fried. you name it.. i love eggs. that bread looks awesome! hope your day is going great!

  24. What an awesome way to start the day! :)
    Over easy is my favorite way (though I used to not like it) but I also love scambled, fried, boiled, yum.. though i’ve never had them poached before.

  25. how are the cara cara oranges? and how do they taste different from regular ones?

  26. Great breakfast! I love over easy eggs. And poached eggs.

    I hope you had a great day! :)

  27. I like them fried! And the yolk must be hard. No runs…..YUCKY.

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