Two and Half Miles

All in all today, I walked about 2.5 miles with Maggie! I’m happy we had nice weather – I’m so ready for Spring! All I’ve been thinking about is fresh produce and the farmer’s market and hiking.

Maggie and I walked a little under a mile at lunch today, plus I walked her down to the mailbox right after work.

Right before Nick got home, I broke into the almonds + prunes again. They’re so good together! I like the salty roasted almonds with the sweet prunes.



Maggie and I played fetch in the house with one of her toys and then the whole family took a walk! It was so nice when Nick got home that we went straight outside and ended up walking about 1.5 miles.

By the time we got home, it was 6:40, so I got started on a quick dinner.



Mediterranean Tuna Casserole strikes again!

This was basically the same as last time, except I only used 12 oz. fat free evaporated milk and no roasted peppers this time.


I love how creamy this sauce gets, and I didn’t even use any butter!


The parsley gave just enough pop to the dish. Just as good as last time :)

I’ve got laundry in the dryer and HIMYM is on – time to settle in for my Monday night!



  1. This weather is the best, glad you got to enjoy it!

  2. the weather today was incredible ! it’s supposed to be tomorrow, too.
    I don’t know if you all hike, but Dragons Tooth off of 311 is the greatest trail ! I’m hiking it tomorrow… it’s supposed to rain the rest of the week. :(

    • We LOVE Dragon’s Tooth! It’s a great hike. Sitting on top of the “tooth” is the best part :)

  3. Enjoy HIMYM! I am :-)

  4. I took a long walk with our puppies today too :-)

  5. yay for good weather! i always had an aversion to prunes until i asked my mom to dehydrate plums and i was SHOCKED to find out they’re the same thing hahaha

  6. That pasta looks so good! Hoorah for Spring weather starting to peek out!

  7. Yes, that pasta dish looks GREAT! I have not have a tuna casserole for YEARS, but I might have to try this. Maybe for my carb loading before my first 1/2 marathon this Sat! :D I’ll let you know what I think.

  8. We went for a walk last night, too. It was so nice to be able to get out and enjoy a little fresh air!

    That casserole looks great!

  9. I love the dried fruit and nut combination too and I have to say, I’m impressed that you actually made your own yogurt!!

  10. Uh, yeah…I’m gonna have to try that recipe!!

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