Sunshine Breakfast

Saturdays are the best, aren’t they?

No alarm clocks.

Sun shining through the windows.

It also helps that we’re supposed to have some good weather today – and no snow! :) I actually woke up early this morning thinking that it was a work day and was so sad, but then I remembered that it was Saturday so I snuggled back down, smiling, and went back to sleep.

After getting out of bed, letting Maggie out, and taking showers, we had to decide what to have for breakfast.

Our options were pretty limited this morning – I let Nick take the last egg, and I tried another new product!


One of my most exciting grocery finds last weekend were these Breakfast Sunshine Patties. I found a few varieties at one of our local health food stores and they were not cheap. But I’d been wanting to try them for a while and I had a little wiggle room in the grocery budget from last week so I grabbed the breakfast flavor to try.


I heated up one of the patties and had it along side a slice of my whole wheat sourdough (topped with some honey butter + Crofter’s jam) and 1/2 a cara cara orange I split with Nick.



I loved the breakfast patty! Honestly, it tasted a bit like Thanksgiving stuffing to me!  The seasonings were great, and I like having a frozen burger option that’s soy free.


We also had some Kona coffee with breakfast, made in our coffee syphon (aka, Nick’s favorite coffee appliance) ;)


We’ve got a busy day ahead!

We’re going into town together and I’m going to drop Nick off at his lab while I go run errands:

  • Bang trim at 10
  • Bank
  • Farmer’s Market
  • Grocery Store

Then we’ll be back home for a quick lunch and we’re taking Maggie out for the afternoon. It’s too nice to stay inside!

I’ve got to get working on my baking adventure for today – I may also be trying to make my own yogurt this weekend…we’ll see :)



  1. making your own yogurt?! awesome!

  2. On your recommendation, I might need to try that sunshine burger. Most veggie burgers fall under the category of what I’ve given up for Lent but those wouldn’t. And I love my stuffing!

  3. I love Sunshine burgers, but have never tried the breakfast patties! They sound great!

  4. I’ve been wanting to try the sunshine burgers too–but I just can’t see paying so much. they never go on sale either! Glad to see you enjoyed em’!

  5. I love making my own yogurt- good luck with it!
    I just tried Sunshine burgers recently and they’re awesome. I’ll have to pick up the breakfast flavor!

  6. Sounds like a great day! I’ve heard such awesome things about sunshine burgers :D

  7. Now that I can’t eat that much meat and don’t like too much soy those would make great options.

  8. Sunshine, no alarms, and good breakfasts make the PERFECT Saturday AM in my opinion!!

  9. that flavor of sunshine burger is my FAVE! seriously…scramble it with eggs, make a breakfast sandwich with it, top it over savory oats, dip it in BBQ sauce…it is amazing!

  10. loooove sunshine burgers. they are pricey, but they are so tasty and full of good ingredients.

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