Late Local Lunch

Well, except for the fact that Maggie completely chewed through my computer cord :(, today has been a pretty good day.

Nick got his stuff done in the lab while I ran errands and picked up groceries. I got everything we needed and a few fun items ;)

Right before we came home, Nick got a call that some of our friends got their car stuck on a mountain out near our house. We were on our way home already, so Nick dropped me off and I put away all the groceries while he drove up to help them out.

Thankfully, they were able to get un-stuck!

By the time we were ready (and able!) to eat, it was 3:45! And we were both hungry.

I actually broke into some almonds + plums right before Nick got home.



We went up to the little sandwich shop near our house and picked up some lunch.



I got my usual from this place, but with one change: I ordered their wheatberry bread with all their veggies (spinach, lettuce, tomato, red onion) and the sundried tomato spread. I left off the meat + cheese because I wanted hummus!

As soon as we got back home, I spread on about 1/4 cup of hummus. The combo with the sundried tomato spread was awesome!


We’re watching the Hokie basketball game right now and will be taking Maggie to the park as soon as that’s over. I totally forgot we had a game today! Priorities ;)


And the new dough is rising as I type…


  1. ah sounds like Maggie hates technology as much as I do! So sorry about your cord :( meh!

    a fellow prune lover – you are a girl after my own heart :)

    enjoy whats left of your Saturday, Miss Brandi!

  2. I hope Maggies alright! My dog did that to our lamp once and would have been fried if it were plugged in

  3. That sandwich looks great! Glad your friends got un-stuck!

  4. Sorry about your cord, hope Maggie is OK.

    Your lunch looks great. hummus sandwiches are the best!

  5. Your sandwich looks almost identical to the sandwich I ate for lunch today! Your change from cheese to hummus is the only difference! Great minds think alike!

  6. I hope your computer wasn’t plugged in when she did that.

    And I love hummus as a meat :-)

  7. The hummus sounds great!!!! Hummus can totally MAKE a sandwich :D

  8. Pets and power cords are bad news. They are just dangerously alluring!

  9. Ah man, my pup chewed through my computer cord last year too! You just never know what they are going to get into.

  10. Prunes are awesome! They get a bad rep as old-people food, but I always proclaim my love for them.

  11. Mmmmm love hummus and veggie sandwiches!

  12. Sorry about the comp cord :-/ lunch does look great though!

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