Best Bean Burger?

It’s FRIDAY!!! :) Hope everyone is enjoying the start to their weekend.

My work day was pretty good – not too crazy, and I was able to get some stuff checked off my to-do list, which is always nice.

As part of my March goals, I brought a good snack today!


I packed the last of my greek yogurt (about 1/2 cup) that I mixed with some frozen mixed berries. By this afternoon, the berries had thawed and turned the yogurt this awesome ruby color!


I added a few dark chocolate chips, too. I guess those are my Friday treat today – this snack definitely kept me out of those donuts again ;)

After Nick and I got home from work, we bundled up and took Maggie to the park for a little while. We played fetch and then she made friends with a big white dog named Casper. They played and chased each other around for a while before we all headed home. She had a blast.

The plan tonight was to make some bean burgers, and I think this batch turned out pretty well!


I started with 2 cans of pinto beans that I drained, rinsed, and mashed.


Then I mixed in:

  • salt
  • pepper
  • diced red onion
  • diced scallion
  • smoked paprika
  • garlic
  • parsley

I formed them in to 7 patties and one little bean ball and cooked them in the pan with a little olive oil.


They tasted great, but I still have trouble with them not staying together very well.


We had our bean burgers on some whole wheat buns – just ketchup for me! Plus some broccoli and corn.


This meal totally got me in the mood for spring/summer. I’m so ready to grill again! I can’t wait.


I’ve got some fun baking plans this weekend! I was going to start one recipe tonight, but it’s too late to get going on the dough so that will happen tomorrow.

But my sourdough starter is already out and waiting…so there may be pancakes in the morning :)


Do you have a tried and true homemade veggie burger recipe? I’d love to make my own to freeze.



  1. I so wish I had a veggie burger recipe! Since giving up prepared soy for lent, those are one thing I’ve been missing

  2. You have taken yogurt photography to a whole new level!

  3. that’s a gorgeous ruby color! it looks like when my strawberries turn my oatmeal pink. i love when that happens

  4. WHOA!! Loe the shot of the yogurt! Looks luscious and divine!

  5. try adding an egg or two to the bean burger recipe. they help to bind all of the ingredients together. and I WANT THAT YOGURT!mmmmm!

  6. I love yogurt messes like that. I even like to eat it with the frozen blueberries in it.

  7. I love your burger! I’ve never really tried cooking pinto beans before, though Im sure I’ve had it somewhere in a chili or something. And I’ve been meaning to make my own veggie burgers soon!

  8. I have a buffalo, blue cheese, and black bean burger recipe I’m pretty proud of.

  9. I have a bean burger recipe on my blog that is great and has gotten great reviews from other bloggers as well. Looks like the only thing yours was missing was a binder. I use almond flour and egg but before I stopped eating gluten, I used breadcrumbs.

  10. Homemade veggie burgers, bean burgers, etc. always fascinate me, but similarly- mine are always falling apart. I have only tried chickpeas, and usually I mashed them so much that I just ended up using the result as a spread for veggies— often the majority of the mixture never made it to the pan! HAHA

    Your meal is absolutely gorgeous though!!


  11. I really want to start making my own veggie burgers. The ones in the store are good but nothing beats homemade.

  12. I actually made black bean burgers last night for dinner. I like to blend one can in the food processor and add another can of whole beans. I also mix in bread crumbs and some oats. They seem to hold together better. I’ll have to try pinto beans sometime.

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