Marching into a Healthy Year

Happy Thursday! Just one more day until the weekend :) I’m so ready – we’re supposed to have pretty nice weather Saturday and Sunday, so I’m sure we’ll be outside with Maggie.

Breakfast today included one of my new finds from the grocery store.


Nick made us some eggs and coffee while I cut an apple and toasted up some crumpets!


Crumpets is a fun word to say, don’t you think? Plus, I could read (and understand) all the ingredients AND they’re only 60 calories each!

I topped one crumpet with some Crofter’s North America (blueberry and cranberry) jam and one with some TJ’s pumpkin butter that I found in the fridge.


That pumpkin butter just tastes like fall! I guess I better finish it before spring is officially here ;)

Work was pretty busy this morning, so I’m enjoying my lunch break with a side of House Hunters and some awesome leftovers!


I heated up some leftover ham/broccoli/mushroom casserole and some green beans and broccoli that I had in the fridge.


I love meals like this! Casseroles are so comforting and filling.


As soon as I’m done eating, Maggie and I are off for our lunchtime walk.

Did you know that March is National Nutrition Month?

Brittany posted a challenge earlier this week to make your own goals to eat healthier during March, and I’m totally in for this. After such a cold and miserable winter and a trip to Spain, I feel a little off-kilter in the planning and eating well areas. Super cold winters like this make me want to just lay in the house and be lazy, but I want to go into spring and summer feeling great!

I may come up with more goals, but these are mine right now:

  • Get more snack ideas! Most days at work, I get hungry in the afternoon. Often, I find myself with no snack at all or just bars, and I don’t want to rely on those. I want some real food! So I need to brainstorm and try to remember snacks I used to have and bring those back into my life.
  • Eat more veggies than fruit every day.
  • Eat as much local food as I can get. I’m re-reading Animal, Vegetable, Miracle, and with spring right around the corner, I’m getting so excited about buying all kinds of things at our farmer’s markets. In fact, I have plans to go on Saturday.

Are you doing the challenge?



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So…with those goals, what are your favorite healthy snack ideas?


  1. Crumpets are super fun! :)

    My favourite healthy snack is an apple with nut butter

  2. Apples, snap peas, Amazing Grass bars….yum!

  3. i’m real curious to know what a crumpet is. lol i’ve never heard of them before!

    my fav snack is probably carrots and hummus or i sometimes dip them in mustard!

  4. crumpets are an AWESOME word to say. you have to say it with a british accent though and then it becomes 100X more cool ahah

  5. I’ve always wanted to try a crumpet, simply because I never knew what it was.

    My favorite snacks are fruit, nuts/nutbutters, cereal, and smoothies.

  6. Okay my new favorite snack is carrots with salsa. Especially with a really yummy salsa like Rojo’s Peach Mango Salsa! What I love to do is get it ready the night before or in the morning. Then the salsa soaks into the carrots. Eat with a fork and enjoy!

    I have a goal of trying to buy more local food, too!

  7. I like to put some PB on an unsalted rice cake and jelly on another then smoosh them together and pull apart.

    I also love hummus and veggies :)

  8. My favorite snacks: cottage cheese with chickpeas (newest “discovery” borrowed from Janetha), carrots & cucumbers with hummus, banana & almond butter.

  9. YEY for crumpets.
    I love those. We had them a lot growing up and I usually buy them over bagels every time. Only thing that sucks is that they have a short shelf life/fridge life .

    I love casseroles and pasta bake type meals too, There is something about them that is just so warm and comforting.

  10. I will definitely try the challenge. Since the Boston Marathon is in mid-April, I am in general trying to really boost my healthy eating to a new level so I feel good!

  11. I love your March goals–I am all for trying to live the most healthy and balanced lifestyle possible :-) Good luck!

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