Spain 2010: Moving Moment and Snow!

These posts take so long to put together! It probably doesn’t help that I just look through all the pictures again while I’m trying to put a post together ;)

Okay, so where was I?


Our last morning in Toledo included my favorite part of the trip.

While I do not have pictures from this experience, I can say that is one of the most moving and incredible moments of my life.

After grabbing a typical Spanish breakfast (coffee, juice, toast OR churros) :)…




We went over to tour the cathedral, and I had my second teary-eyed moment of the trip.

The cathedral in Toledo was simply breathtaking. The construction took over 200 years to complete, so no one that started working on this masterpiece ever saw the finished work.

Nick and I did buy a few prints of the inside of the cathedral, but even the best pictures did not compare to what we saw.

The choir section, the pulpit, the museum within the cathedral with the painted ceiling, the sculptures, the marble….just the size of this amazing place was too much to handle.

I definitely had tears in my eyes a few times while walking through…imagining all the people that had been inside the cathedral over the last 800 years. The work that went into building something like that without electricity or power tools. I honestly didn’t want to leave! I had never seen anything like that before, and I wanted that feeling of awe and amazement to last forever.

After finishing our tour of the cathedral and getting our bags from the hostel, we headed back to the train station for Madrid, and ultimately, to Tiff and James’ town.


To end our stretch of really cold weather, we ended up having snow during the day in Tiff and James’ town.


I actually don’t have many pictures from their town – the weather wasn’t great and we slept most of the time we were there :)

But it was so fun to see their apartment and have an easy, lazy kind of day.








kitchen3 master 


We did have a really good lunch, but I don’t think I brought my camera since it was so gross outside.

Even though the weather wasn’t the best, the next few days made up for it ;)


I know this one is short, but the last 2 have to be on their own!

Coming up:

  • Finally – Paella in Valencia + Touching the Mediterranean
  • Where I found all the fruits + veggies in Spain!
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  1. Beautiful sights, Brandi! The cathedral looks incredible!

  2. cathedrals are so engaging to me – I’m not sure sure why. This is breathtaking!

  3. The cathedrals in Europe are definitely one of my favorite places to visit. I know that exact feeling you describe about being completely in awe thinking about all of the people who have visited over hundreds of years. It’s such an incredible thing.

  4. I loved those cathedrals in Madrid…one was more beautiful than the next! I love that you took a picture of the bidet too :)

  5. Oh my goodness I could spend hours and hours looking through photos :)

  6. i love cathedrals! sooo breathtaking

  7. Looks like an amazing trip!

  8. I am REALLY excited to hear about paella in valencia! I wonder if we ate it in the same place…

  9. wow, that cathedral sounds awesome, i hope to make it to spain one day!

  10. Your picture made me go back and look at my pictures from my trip to Toledo. I remember the beauty so well.

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