Misfortunate Events…

Today really isn’t Monday?

If not, then my day got off on the wrong foot and kind of stayed there.

I don’t even know where to start!


My oatbran exploded in the microwave.

I couldn’t get my computer to load correctly at home, so I put off blogging and hoped I could get it to work at lunch. Thankfully, Nick got it back to “normal”, but when I went to post, I saw that my final 3 Spain trip drafts were completely gone! I spent 3 hours working on them last night…so that just put another kink in my day.

My lunch didn’t fill me up.

It’s snowing. Again.

Boo hoo, right?


After getting through the workday, I finally felt some relief from this dark cloud that seemed to follow me. We had easy leftovers, Maggie and Roxy were both so happy to see us, and I got the last load of laundry folded.

Long story short? Today has been a LONG day, and I’m ready to enjoy my evening in my pajamas, with LOST and White Collar, and cuddling with Nick and Maggie.

The good thing? I just found the Spain trip drafts :) I’m not sure why they were saved in the place I found them, but thank goodness!!! I was not looking forward to doing those posts again – they took so long!

Back to normal tomorrow!!!


  1. I’m sorry about the crappy day :( But it’s a good thing you found the drafts!

  2. Sorry about the bad day, tomorrow will be better I’m sure!

  3. Oh man…I hope you’re able to cheer up tomorrow…but I’d feel a bit down myself!

    If it makes you feel any better, my lunch didn’t fill me up at all either…And it SUCKED.

  4. Ah, I hate those days when everything is just falling apart!

    Glad you found those drafts though and get to relax tonight!

  5. Those days are the worst! I hope tomorrow is MUCH better!

  6. Awww, hun! Sorry you had such a bad day. I didn’t have the best of days myself. But just think, that means tomorrow is going to be 1000 x’s better! :)

    Take it easy tonight and wake up tomorrow refreshed and ready to tackle anything! :)

  7. Glad your day ended better than it started. Enjoy Maggie, she’s so cute.

  8. things gotta get worse before they get better, right ;)

    hope you cheer up tomorrow dear! xoxo

  9. Aw girl, so sorry about your bad day!!! HATE days like that. Yikes. At least you found the posts! I would’ve cried if I was you and thought I’d lost them.

  10. Sorry your day was so crummy :( My oatbran this morning turned into glue…I had to throw it out.

  11. ugh, I hear ya girl! I have a feeling it’s just going to be one of those weeks. Friday can’t come soon enough!

  12. I bet White Collar will make the end of the day worth it. hahaha. ;) it’s the hairrrrrrr…

  13. Fabulous news about finding the drafts – nothing worse than losing all your work!!!

    Sorry you’ve had a rough day – enjoy cuddling on the couch with Nick and Maggie :)

  14. Sorry about the bad day! Tomorrow will be better :)

  15. Sorry your day was so crazy. Enjoy your evening.

  16. I hate days like that. I’m glad you found the blog drafts though. Tomorrow will be fantabulous to even it out!


  17. awww, i’m sorry you had a tough day :( just think tomorrow will be better!!

    i hate when my lunch doesn’t fill me up and i’m stuck at work because i feel that i can’t focus when i’m hungry.

    and i can’t wait to see more of your spain posts!!

  18. bummer about the day! but it’s tuesday which is one day closer to the weekend than monday ;)

  19. Sorry about your bad day, hate those. But yay for White Collar! That show makes me happy. I DVR it and save it for the weekend. I hope today is better :)

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