Banana Split Roll-Ups

Maggie knows today is Monday:


She looks about as happy as I feel today – I want another day to my weekend!


I did get to wake up to an amazing breakfast, though. I’m hoping that (and a few cups of coffee) will get my Monday off to a good start.


Katie, your pancake challenges keep my creative juices flowing!


We had some leftover pancakes from Saturday morning, so I took 2 this morning to make one more pancake roll-up recipe.


Banana Split Pancake Roll-Ups

2 pancakes, warmed

1/4 cup greek yogurt (2 Tbsp in each pancake)

1/2 banana, sliced

1 Tbsp Crofter’s jam (raspberry + yumberry flavor!)

1 Tbsp dark chocolate dreams pb


I loved the mix of the tart yogurt, sweet peanut butter, and fruity banana + jam.

Peaberry coffee was the only thing that could make this breakfast better ;)


Time for work!


What’s your favorite type of sundae/ice cream?


  1. *falls to floor*
    I am so 100% serious when I say that you need need need to open up a creperie. I would be right there at the front of the line even if it meant I had to get up at 3AM to do so!

  2. P.S. I’m sending you an email

  3. Oops, can I have your email address?
    (And sorry to comandeer your comment section!!)

  4. Those look fantastic! I wish I got more creative in my breakfasts but oatmeal is easy and yummy.

    If you open a restaurant in Blacksburg, I’d come and eat. Maybe like a creperie (I agree with Katie) that hosts tailgates before football games…

    Crepes and champagne cocktails before football…sounds fab :)

  5. I’m a straight up butter pecan girl.

  6. These ones may look even better the smores!! YUM!

  7. These look awesome! You are a pancake genius!

  8. They look like canolis and I LOVE IT! What a decadent way to start your week!! I THINK it really is HIMYM Monday again!

  9. jeez those look so good. i want a second breakfast now!

    and i love mocha chip ice cream. no toppings or anything. nice and simple

  10. Those look absolutely wonderful!!! :)

  11. Oh my god, those look absolutely flipping amazing!! I want one!

    Your pup is so ridiculously cute too. Love.

    My fave sundae/ice cream…neopolitan (vanilla, strawberry, chocolate in one tub) was always my fave growing up – it reminds me of childhood!

  12. Poor Maggie. I bet Mondays are so hard for her ;)

  13. aw poor Maggie caught the Monday blues. Slip her one of those pancake roll ups and I’m sure that’ll lift her spirits :)

  14. I want to try those soooo bad! YUM!

  15. Oh wow, it’s been so long since I’ve had a legit sundae! I’m pretty sure a banana split would be my favorite, but a mint chocolate brownie sundae sounds tantalizing as well.

  16. That looks like the perfect Monday breakfast.

    I will eat pretty much anything on my sundae… and I eat them often! Chocolate, nuts, fruit, coconut… you name it!

  17. OH wow those look GOOD!!! What a cool way to enjoy a sundae in a healthy way!

  18. Those pancakes sound delicious! Waking up to that could make any Monday better.

  19. What a creative entry for Katie’s contest. I’ve been wanting to enter, but I can’t think of anything interesting to try.

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