Bagel, Pasta, Bread

Today was full of carbs! And everything was delicious :)


While I was out shopping yesterday, I picked up 2 (Locally made!) whole wheat everything bagels for us to have for breakfast today. Now that we ate them, I’m sad I didn’t buy more!


I had some provolone + scrambled egg on my bagel, and Nick and I split a cara cara orange. I also had some coffee in his new Spain mug :)

It was a good start to the day except for one thing: I somehow forgot to wash my hair while I was in the shower! I don’t know what happened – maybe I was still asleep in there? I got my hair wet…I just never picked up my shampoo.

So…that was fun when I was trying to do my hair and wondering why my bangs were being weird or why the rest of my hair just felt strange. By the time I figured out what happened, we had to leave for church so I just pinned my bangs back and headed out.

We had some errands to run after church, so I brought my hat to put on and I’m glad I did – it’s been freezing here today! There’s been little snow flurries all day, and the temps really haven’t gotten out of the 30s at all this weekend.

Our errands were pretty fun, but I felt like we were on a bit of a wild goose chase trying to find  a new collar for Maggie, a good dog bed, and a silicon bread pan (which I still have to go back and buy).

By the time we got home to eat lunch, it was 2 pm and we were both pretty hungry.

I heated up the last of that spicy pasta from the other night and had some romaine + ranch dressing.



Even with the cold weather, we took Maggie up to the park near our house for a while this afternoon. It wouldn’t have been so bad out there but it was much windier at the park than it was at our house.

The good thing is that we walked up to the park and back, so we got in about 2.5 miles of walking today! And Maggie had fun running around and playing fetch, so I’m glad we went and got her out of the house.

The rest of the day has been filled with making 2 new loaves of sourdough (so good!) and finishing laundry.

We just finished eating dinner – leftover chipotle beans and homemade bread!


Nick and Maggie are playing with one of her new toys, and the last load of laundry just finished in the dryer – I’ve got just enough time to fold the laundry and get a snack before Iron Chef! Perfect timing ;)



  1. Mmm all of your bread products look so delicious! Glad that you enjoyed them. I soooo wish i had a dog every time I read your posts!

  2. I had a bagel with egg and cheese this morning too! :)

  3. Sounds like such a tasty day! Enjoy the food network; I’m glued to the closing ceremonies

  4. aw look at Maggie eyeing your carbs ;) She is a little foodie at heart!

  5. Haha, that is so funny about your hair! When I was in elementary school I made it about halfway through a shower once with my hat still on!

  6. bread is my carb of choice and i really want to try your sourdough :)

  7. I have been totally craving a breakfast sandwich on a big, chewy bagel! You have only made this craving stronger :)

  8. I hate wild goose chases but at least Maggie made out with a new toy :-)

  9. Carbs – YUM!!! Especially bagels!!

  10. LOVE CARBS! my fav part of meals :) those bagels look delish!

  11. haha…i have done the exact same thing before! i have also wet my face and forgotten to wash it before too :)

    i LOVE the espana mug!

    glad you are having a good weekend back – lots of love to you girl!

  12. I’ve always wanted a whole wheat everything bagel! That sounds silly, I know. I try to make my whole wheat bagels into everything bagels, and it’s just not the same! It looks yummy. :D

  13. I love that picture of Maggie peeking over the tray!

  14. My day is good as long as some carbs make an appearance! I’ve done that with shampoo before when I am taking an early morning shower and still half asleep lol!

  15. Love that first pic with your pup!!!

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