Running Wild

I love when I find new fun stuff at the grocery store :) I got some things I’m really excited about! Plus, I’m trying a few new recipes this week, which is always good.

After I got back from getting groceries, Nick and I heated up some leftovers so we could eat fast and get Maggie out to the park.


We had just enough of the potato/broccoli/chicken sausage left for one of us, so I had that (with some extra broccoli thrown in).


That panch poran spice mix in this dish is awesome! It mixed really well with the spicy sausage.

As soon as we were done eating, we loaded Maggie into the car and drove to a park on the other side of the river.

Thankfully, we were the only people there so we could let Maggie off her lead to run around. We played fetch with her for a bit, but Nick and I mostly just laughed at her. She’s so funny when she’s outside – she just goes, nonstop. She smells everything, runs full speed…she just loves it.

I think we were at the park, walking around with her for about an hour? We would have stayed longer, but it’s actually really cold here today! It’s been flurrying off and on all day and is about 30 degrees – plus, it was colder at the park (and windy!) since it’s right on the river.

Once we were all cold and ready to go, we stopped by walmart for a few items and just got home for the day. I’ve got one load of laundry going and there should be a Hokie basketball game on at 4, I think.


She’s pretty happy she got to run around outside today, and we’re happy because she’s totally crashed right now :) Running outside makes her SO tired!


I’ve got to get a snack ready for the basketball game and start working on dinner – it’s a new recipe, and I’m excited to try it!


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  1. Have a great saturday and enjoy your crashed puppy!

  2. Nothing is better than a sleeping dog sometimes, haha! Sounds like a fun day :)

  3. I love when our dogs get to run around too. And they crash hard after that too :-)

    Glad you got to have fun.

  4. Enjoy the rest of saturday!

  5. Enjoy the rest of your Saturday, Maggie looks so cute!

  6. i love when my dog is so tired he crashes. happiness is a pooped pup!

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