Pancake Roll-Ups

I should have seen it coming.


Anytime Katie has a pancake challenge, I’m in! And since this is our first real weekend home from the trip, I had the time and ingredients to get in the kitchen to make them.


For my pancake roll-ups, I made S’mores with sourdough pancakes :)


I think these rival everything I made in her last pancake challenge!


I tried a new recipe for sourdough pancakes this morning and took 2 to use as my pancake roll-ups.


I spread 1/2 Tbsp of dark chocolate dreams pb on each pancake, added a dollop of marshmallow fluff, and rolled up!


The sprinkle of graham cracker crumbs brought it all together.

2 s’mores pancakes, 2 cups of coffee, and a cara cara orange? A perfect Saturday morning breakfast :)

The new coffee we got at TJ’s is awesome!


I think this is Nick’s new favorite – it’s just as good as their Kona, just a little different.

I’ve got a busy morning ahead! I need to shower and head to town for groceries.

And then an afternoon outing with Maggie :) She needs to run off some energy!!!


What would YOU roll up in a pancake?


  1. I would roll up your pancakes in my pancakes. Delish, Brandi!

  2. Ok girl, smores are like my all time favorite flavor, dessert – everything! This has got to be the best entry in the challenge! Holy yum!!

  3. great pancakes! i’d put frozen mixed berries with lots of syrup in there :)

  4. Girl, you have DEFINITELY lived up to your reputation as the Pancake Queen. In fact, we might need to upgrade your title. Is there anything higher than “queen”?
    Because that’s how good your pancakes look!
    Oh. My. Word! :)

  5. Ooo yum. I am not a huge pancake fan, which is sad because yours always look so fabulous!

  6. i need YOU to come to clemson and make those sourdough pancakes for ME!!!

  7. those make me think of crepes, which make me think of berries and whipped cream inside… mmm!

  8. I love sweet cream cheese filling and Nutella. :-)

  9. I need to take pancake lessons from you

  10. Oh man…that pancake roll up looks freak’n awesome! I would def want chocolate, pb, strawberries and bananas…nom nom!

  11. Oh wow… those things look DARN good!!! Better than mine :D
    I made some roll ups filled with blueberries and yogurt and topped with stewed blueberries..yummy!

  12. You are definitely the pancake queen! Those look so decadent and delicious!

    Feel free to send some my way! :D

  13. what would I roll in a pancake? myself. then eat my way out :)

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